Controversy over the elimination of Besay Perez from 'La Voz'

To the surprise of many, the vocalist of Los Sabandeños, Besay Perez, was eliminated in the semifinals of the 'The voice' from Antenna 3. The Canarian singer chose the song for the semifinal 'I fall in love with you' starring, once again, in an exciting performance, after having been the sensation in the previous phases. In her performances, Besay has been changing genre and style, from the 'O Sole mine' of the blind auditions, until the 'Maria' from West Side Story, passing by 'My way'.

The reactions to his elimination have not been long in coming, starting with the artist himself, who acknowledged at the end of his performance that “I came here with one goal, which was to overcome many personal things, and I started doing lyrical and I wanted to risk and try of everything. It has been a bit of a journey, and I wanted to thank everyone, they are machines, they are people before voices, and I have always defended that in this world, the most important thing is not talent, but to be a good person and have a good heart ”.

The emotional message of Los Sabandeños

Throughout the night and morning of this Sunday there have been more reactions. One of them is that of the group Los Sabandeños, who made this message public through their social networks:

"Besay, dear mate.

It is difficult to express in words what you have made us feel these months, but if we want to choose one that defines the general feeling of all of us, it is PRIDE.

Proud because you have taught the talent that is in the voices of our land.

Proud because you have shown that with work, and sacrifice, you can reach beyond the borders of our sea.

Proud because you have vindicated at every moment, in every performance, your beloved eight Canary Islands.

And proud to feel that the struggles against complexes, and personal barriers, are won on a day-to-day basis. You are an example of overcoming.

Malú, we thank you for taking care of our child, and for your commendable teaching, which has made him grow as an artist, and as a person, and La Voz Antena 3, for giving him moments that he will not forget in his entire life.

For us, you are already the winner of La Voz. "

Besay's career in 'La Voz'

29 years old and from Tenerife, is a soloist of the folk group 'Los Sabandeños'. Besay said in his presentation on the program that "he grew up with his grandparents and his mother because his father abandoned them when he and his twin brother were just months old." He stutters and "the only time where he does not stutter is when singing", recognizes the singer who does not like to be pigeonholed in the lyrical, "because he also sings other things", but his potential "is brought out mainly in themes of great tenors ". "I've always had the social handicap of stuttering," he adds.

In the Blind auditions, he dared to interpret the theme 'O sole mio' by Pavarotti and managed to impact the four coaches taking a well deserved plenary session. Besay chose to join Malú's team.

In The Great Battle, sang together with Makiko Kitago and the TNT Group an incredible version of 'My way' by Il Divo. A historic performance in 'La Voz' where the lyrics and harmonies created a unique fusion. Besay was the only one selected to continue to the Assaults.

In the Assaults, Besay Pérez earned a place in Malú's team after proving once again that lyrical has a place in 'La Voz'. The talent interpreted the theme with great affection 'Open the door' by David Bisbal and Alejandro Fernández in front of the artist from Almería.

Such was the impression that, David Bisbal took the stage to create a unique moment in 'La Voz' by joining his voice with Besay's to interpret the song in the center of the set. What a connection!

The personified voice stepped onto the stage again in the Final Assault: Besay Pérez impressed with a unique version of tango 'Nostalgia'.

Both Malú and Beret were speechless with the contestant's great talent but, he more conquered the public by granting him the pass to the Direct after his votes.

Finally, in the Direct, Besay has dared with a version of the theme 'Mary' from the musical West side story. The Tenerife talent embroidered his performance and managed to make Malú choose him as the semifinalist within his team. In addition, Luis Fonsi dedicated some emotional words to the talent, sharing a magical moment in 'La Voz': "You are really good, I want to share with you".


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