Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Controversy over a Movistar attack with fallen Roglic

Attack or not attack? The debate began with a fall of Primoz Roglic and the response of Movistar, who began to pull when the leader and Miguel Ángel López were cut. But the controversy grew when the Spanish team stopped and José Luis Arrieta, its director, said on Spanish Television that it was the UCI that had commanded to stop. Arrieta explained later that the ICU had allowed those affected by the fall to go "after a car" until it linked with the platoon.

Roglic was affected by a massive fall in the platoon while traveling between Escalona and Toledo. And with him, Superman López. Movistar explains that they already planned to attack in that area, where the wind usually hits and took advantage of the circumstance.

When they linked some runners from Astana they reproached Movistar for their attitude. Some former cyclists, such as Purito Rodríguez, had already done so through social networks.

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