August 1, 2021

Controversy in OT for removing "mariconez" from a Mecano song | TV

Controversy in OT for removing "mariconez" from a Mecano song | TV

"Always the little ones have seemed like a mariconez. And now I'm talking to you in diminutive with cake names. "This phrase, from the lyrics of the song Stay in Madrid that Mecano published in 1988 within the album Sunday rest, has become the center of a controversy in Operation Triunfo 2018. One contestant has considered that mariconez it is "a very homophobic insult", so he has refused to say that word at the next gala, the fourth, which will be broadcast next Wednesday, and the direction of the contest has authorized to change the lyrics. This change has angered the singer of the popular Spanish group of the eighties, Ana Torroja, at the time jury of the contest.

In the taking of tones, María, 26 years old from Madrid, it transferred to the directors of the academy, Noemí Galera and Manu Guix, its refusal to sing that part considering it "a homophobic insult". "But if you say tacos all day," the director replied. "But that's not a taco that I say, I understand that it was other years …", replied the contestant. "The lyrics are like that, nothing happens," added the music director.

"In the song he says 'they have seemed like a mariconez' and I said that I'm not going to say 'mariconez' because it's a very homophobic insult, so they said they let us change it and put 'bullshit' in their place, that does not offend anyone except those who are assholes, "Maria explained hours later to Marilia, another of the contestants.

Miki, her song partner, commented to the other contestants at dinner. "I did not wear it that way because I thought 'it is a creation of Ana Torroja …', but they have called her and she has told us that we can change it".

But nevertheless, Ana Torroja has written a thread of six messages on her Twitter account in which she assures that she has not "authorized" the change, has defended the use of that term in her song and has urged the contestant to choose another song for the gala. "I do not agree to change it and I'm not the one to do it, the author of the song is José María Cano, he wrote it for Mecano and NO ONE can modify a letter without the author's permission", underlines the Mecano singer, whose song Woman against woman It is considered a homosexual hymn.

"Mecano, as a group, as each one separately, has always defended diversity, free love, freedom of expression and a long etc", recalls Torroja, who asks not to confuse "a homophobic insult" with a "colloquial expression". In his opinion, mariconez, word that is not in the dictionary of the RAE, it means in the song "silly, stupid, stupid, and even kitsch". Is about "a person who realizes that she is in love up to the bars and that she uses expressions that previously seemed silly to her ".

"If someone does not feel comfortable singing that song, he should not sing it, choose another, Mecano has many wonderful songs and the music is free," the singer concludes, denouncing "censorship" and asking for "freedom." Joe Pérez-Orive, also a member of the jury, has supported his position in a post on your Instagram account.

Tinet Rubira, responsible for the program's producer, Gestmusic, has responded to Torroja on Twitter. According Rubira, the contestants do not choose the songs and have defended their right to express their opinion about them. "To make it clear NOBODY is going to nominate NO ONE for the lyrics of a song. The jury nominates based on the interpretation, this is how it will be. Clarified this, that follows the DEBATE! ", Adds Rubira Ana Torroja has already nominated María in the gala 0.


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