June 13, 2021

Controversy in a third division promotion match – La Provincia

The controversy is served. While on social networks it is criticized that the public attending the promotion party of Third division between CD Marino and the YOU Tamaraceite, the Canary Soccer Federation not only denies these accusations, but has also posted a video showing what happened in the field.

The encounter played this Saturday at La Frontera, El Hierro, has raised criticism from many for not guaranteeing the safety distance among more than a hundred people who attended the field, according to the complaints made on social networks. However, the Federation assures that “the security protocol was carefully complied with. Both spectators’ access occurred in a staggered manner, controlling their identity, temperature, and delivering single-dose hydrogel doses.” “Already in their seats the use of masks and the safety distance was monitored; even a circuit was established for the internal movement of the attendees,” insists the Canary Soccer Federation in the statement it has posted on its Facebook account.

Also, the Canary Soccer Federation It specifies that the exit of the public was also carried out in a staggered manner and under security measures, therefore, “the images disseminated and opinions expressed on social networks and the media do not correspond to reality.”


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