March 8, 2021

Controversy by company that will do scrutiny in the final stretch of the Argentine campaign

The demand of the Argentine opposition to separate the company that will manage the scrutiny of the primaries of next Sunday marked on Tuesday the electoral campaign, on a day of improvement in the local financial square after the negative effect that the commercial war between Monday had on Monday USA and China

The main presidential candidates – the current president, Mauricio Macri, and the Peronist Alberto Fernández – rush the last acts in the face of the first national electoral instance of the year, in which the candidates who exceed 1.5% of the votes will be enabled to compete in the general elections of October 27.

Just two days before the electoral ban begins, the decision of the Front of All of Fernández and the Alliance Together for the Change of Macri to go to Justice to present paths – but very different – complaints has fueled the controversy.

The Peronist coalition – which heads the intention to vote in most polls – asked for an urgent precautionary measure to remove the Smartmatic company – based in London – from the process of digitalization and transmission of the first screening, which is carried out in the electoral night, for the "serious vulnerabilities of their computer systems denounced by specialists in the field".

In the text, the designation of judicial observers and audits is requested so that the Government, the state company Correo Argentino and Smartmatic do not alter "directly or indirectly" or delay the sending and receiving of the telegrams from the electoral colleges to the processing centers.

Although the final count of votes is done by the Electoral Justice within a period of 10 days, on the same night of the elections the Ministry of Interior, with the collaboration of a foreign technology company, makes a preliminary count of suffrages, which is the which is first disseminated in the media but has no legal validity.

This year, the Government concluded the relationship with the Spanish Indra and, supposedly for offering a better economic offer, tendered to Smartmatic the service of transmission of the results from the voting schools to the computer center and for the preliminary recount.

"We suspect that the provisional count may be affected by the appearance of this phantom company, Smartmatic, which has only a very bad background," said Peronist Felipe Sola in radio statements.

Also Federal Consensus 2030, the front of Roberto Lavagna – third coalition with more support according to the polls -, added to the criticism and requested, in another way, to remove the company, which in 2018 was accused by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of El Savior from an "error" in the scrutiny.

In Argentina, the Executive insists on the transparency of the tender and emphasizes that the contracted system seeks to provide the process with more speed and efficiency and is approved by the Electoral Chamber.

On the part of the ruling party, Together for Change, he filed another complaint to determine the origin of text messages sent to a series of telephones in which anonymous authors pretend to be from that space in order to transmit electoral data.

"JxC has only used phone calls and emails to exclusively and directly contact those people who registered in their database," they clarified from the training.

Today, Macri – second in the polls after months of falling of his image due to the economic crisis that has dragged the country since 2018 – gave his last campaign rally in Buenos Aires and Fernández – which has the former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007- 2015) as a candidate for the Vice Presidency – toured the province of Buenos Aires, the largest granary of votes in the country.

"Now is the time to ratify this course and we have to do it for what we love most in this world. Our children, grandchildren and ourselves," the president hailed during his rally, in which he insisted on the need not to return to the past that in his opinion embodies Kirchnerism.

In the act in the capital, the president stressed that "root changes take time" and reiterated that his team is "building bases and foundations" for the country to grow again, "fighting against crime, drug trafficking, mafias and corruption "and linking to the world.

He also asked "sorry" to anyone who believes that the economic improvement "had to have been all much faster."

The truth is that on Tuesday the Buenos Aires stock exchange and the Argentine peso price registered improvements after the effect produced on Monday by the resurgence of the trade war between the United States and China, which increased the already high risk premium and It kept the price of the dollar higher against the national currency.

Fernández, who on Wednesday will lead a great event with the former president in the city of Rosario, was once again relentless with the economic management of Macri, the main protagonist of his campaign speech.

"They say that the fault of the rise of the dollar is China, but the debt generated by this Government leaves us vulnerable to any movement in the world. Their project is to continue taking more debt. Ours is to be firm and grow to put to Argentina standing, "he said through the social network Twitter.

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