Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Controversy between independence sectors for the absence of stelades in the Madrid protest

Polémica entre sectores independentistas por la ausencia de estelades en la protesta de Madrid

The absence of
and the presence of Republican flags in the protest at the doors of the Supreme Court on Tuesday to mark the start of the trial of the you procés has been criticized by pro-independence sectors, which have seen in it a reduction in the claims of parties and entities. But nevertheless, Elisenda Paluzie, the president of the ANC has come out to the step of these critics and has explained that the absence of estelades has been due to the fact that the convocation was driven by "leftist and republican groups of Madrid and Castile as Izquierda Castellana, Coordinadora 25S, Madrid Derecho to Decide and ANC Madrid ".

In a series of tweets, Paluzie has stressed that the parties and pro-independence organizations have decided to "take advantage of" the demonstration of these groups to make "attention to the media." One of the images of the day has been played by the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and of the Parlament, Roger Torrent, holding together with representatives of the pro-independence forces and entities a banner that read 'Deciding is not a crime'.

Paluzie has stressed that these convening entities always make rallies in front of the Supreme Court and do "accompaniment" and help with "the logistics of permits" to Catalan parties and entities, for which they have been grateful. Thus, he remarked that these "comrades from Madrid" have queued up since 5 o'clock in the morning so that they could access as an audience in the room of the Supreme "international observers". "They have been able to enter 4 or 5, the rest of the officials have given it to Vox militants," he explained.

However, the president of the ANC has considered that "probably" they should have thought about "carrying the banners of the own and unitary campaign of the Catalan parties and entities". "We will do it in future calls", he assured.

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