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The role of women in faults continues to be the subject of controversies and denunciations sexism and discrimination, despite all the attempts of recent years for alleviate the situation. Complaints and controversies carried out even by the councilor in charge of the popular parties in the City Hall of Valencia. Pere Fuset, of Compromis, was this Wednesday very critical in social networks with the entirely male composition of the jury that will choose this Saturday the best special flaw of this year. "Nine of nine", wrote in the social networks also the president of the Central Board Fallera in reference to the men chosen by the Federation of Failures of Special. "It is unacceptable, there are people who want us to go back," he lamented. "It can not be that a party where women are 60%, a jury as important as the Special Fallas, the central element of the party, has nine men," he insisted later in statements collected by Europa Press.

"The macho masters and lords of the party can insult me ​​all they want in their social gatherings and networks, not to be silent, and once again they will look at the finger and not the moon, but to me that decision causes me a deep sadness and ratifies me in the need to reflect loudly on how we can do better, "said the councilor on his Facebook account.

The mayor pointed to the Federation of Special Faults, which is the one chosen by the jury, and considers that they have made a system that does not guarantee the presence of women. "I have tried twice in the assembly of presidents to change that system, to propose one that guarantees, no longer parity, but a balanced representation, that all the juries had at least one man and one woman, that they were mixed. Assembly legitimately knocked them down, but I'm not going to tire of saying it, "he said.

"What image will we be giving when the day 16 is nine guys who judge the center of our party? Do you really believe that there is not a single woman worthy to be part? Wanting this party is not to close your eyes to the reality that surround us, but raise your voice and get wet to improve it, and the party in which I believe does not hesitate to walk towards equality and inclusion as, fortunately, the rest of the society of which we are a part do. Let's go back, please! "the mayor asked.

Pere Fuset
Pere Fuset

The council noted that some committees had proposed women, although "some of them I understand that have been vetoed," he added. "I denounced it two years ago when the federation chose eleven men from a jury of eleven, and I will do it as many times as it takes and I will never shake my voice when doing it"

On the other hand, the Federation of Special Faults lamented that the councilor "has not even taken the trouble to check wrong information" and said that the entity "in this year and everyone has maximum respect for women and there are several they have had the possibility of being part of the jury, but the chance of the draw meant that none of them came out. "

In the same line, the entity believes that "the most unfortunate of all" is that nobody has asked anything and "only have been charged against this collective." "We are not the ones who do the most, but we are the ones who do a lot for the Fallas party without criticizing anyone, or valuing anyone and without judging anyone in a premeditated and harsh way as was done on the day of today against us. "

In this sense, he has asked Fuset to rectify because "it does not conform to reality" and they have been willing to teach the mayor the election process, in which, he said, the delegate of Monuments of JCF participated.

"We ask for greater respect for these commissions, for the entire Fallas collective and for that equality that we understand and defend, we speak of human beings and people," the federation stressed.

In the afternoon, the councilman of Festive Culture has met with the president of the Special Fallas "with all kindness" and has verified that the information he had was true. "No woman will figure in the jury they have appointed," Fuset confirmed in a message on his Twitter account. Faced with this situation, in the meeting he asked for "a coherent effort with the party to rectify and guarantee that 60% is not excluded" from the people who form the josephine parties.


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