Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Controversy at Real Madrid-Celta for a penalty to Sergio Ramos at the end

The Real Madrid asked that they had shot down the team captain

Real Madrid let out two points when he had done the most difficult thing, which was to overcome the match against Celta. In the end, desperately, Sergio Ramos finished center forward and asked for a penalty in a play at the end of the match, in which he was shot down, but neither the referee nor the VAR considered it to be a penalty.

Meanwhile, Celta was happy with the result: “We have competed very well and from 0-1 the field gets very big here. We endured we were tied soon and we were traced. But we have believed it and we have made offensive changes and we have deserved this point, ”said Movistar LaLiga Aspas.

Aspas acknowledged that this time the work had a prize. “Three weeks ago in Valencia we did the same, similar changes and the same thing but we got a cross. But football owes us some of everything we have worked and we have not achieved anything and today it has rewarded us,” he said.

The attacker, who drags four yellow cards and is on the verge of suspension, protested several actions. Especially a lack of Gareth Bale over Rafinha.

“I am temperamental and when I am in the field I am like that. And that foul was hard. We have been expelled by similar players, but Bernabeu is also very difficult, ”added Aspas. EFE

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