Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Controversial lawyer who confronted Trump is accused of defrauding his clients

Controversial lawyer who confronted Trump is accused of defrauding his clients

The controversial lawyer Michael Avenatti, who defended porn actress Stormy Daniels in a case against US President Donald Trump, was indicted Thursday on 36 different charges by a grand jury in California, including cheating to five of your clients.

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A grand jury, an investigating court that is responsible for determining whether or not there is grounds to bring charges against a person, determined that the lawyer could have committed embezzlement, financial fraud, tax evasion and bank fraud worth tens of millions of dollars .

According to the document presented before the Justice of Los Angeles, Avenatti allegedly defrauded five of his clients during the last four years, including among them a paraplegic person who did not deliver four million dollars that corresponded to him as part of an extrajudicial agreement.

Similarly, the lawyer may have lied to others of his clients about the amounts reached in extrajudicial resolutions of the litigation that he carried and delivered only a very small part of what corresponded to him, leaving him the difference.

In addition, the grand jury also accused Avenatti of not having made the tax return since 2010.

On March 25, the lawyer was already arrested in New York for bank fraud, embezzlement and attempted extortion at the Nike company.

On that occasion, the Southern District of New York announced charges against Avenatti for "trying to extract more than $ 20 million in payments" with threats using its ability to "inflict damage to the company's reputation and finances" on case of not fulfilling their demands.

According to FBI deputy director William Sweeney, "Avenatti approached Nike with a list of financial demands in return for covering allegations of misconduct against the company."

The lawyer, who went so far as to imply that he could run for the next presidential election as a Democratic Party candidate, rose to fame by representing Stormy Daniels in his effort to nullify a secret agreement with Trump and his then lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The aim of Avenatti was for Trump to recognize the existence of a supposed pact of confidentiality related to a sexual relationship between the ruler and his client in 2006, when the president was already married to Melania.

The porn star said a man approached her in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011 and threatened not to talk about her alleged sexual relationship with Trump if she did not want to have problems.

However, the defamation lawsuit filed against the president and whose representation was commissioned Avenatti was rejected last year by the courts and a federal judge ordered Daniels to pay $ 293,000 to Trump to cover the expenses of his legal team.


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