July 29, 2021

Control the television with the eyes, the next challenge of Samsung – The Province

Samsungworks on a 'software' that will allowcontrol television with brain waves and eye movement,so that TVs are more accessible for people who have physical disabilities.

The Pontis project brings together the work of Samsung and theNeuroprosthesis Center of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland), and it was presented the past during a session of the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC 2018), which was held this week in San Francisco (United States).

The 'software' seeks to provide greater autonomy to people who can not move or have limited movement so they can change channels or modify the sound when they watch television, as explained by CNET.

TheTV prototype presented by SamsungApplies machine learning to generate software that allows you to control the equipment with eye movement and brain waves.

To know the behavior of brain waves when someone wants to select, for example, a video in particular, researchers have used a helmet with 64 sensors and another sensor that registered the movement of the eyes, which has allowed to generate a model.

Another system also in development dispenses with the support of the movement of the eyes so that it can be used by those people who can not control them.

The prototype presented is the second of the project, with which the parties involved want to continue working in the first quarter of next year. Afterwards, they hope to start testing in hospitals in Switzerland.


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