Control of wells so that tests are not destroyed

Control of wells so that tests are not destroyed

The Civil Guard maintains the total "assurance" of the area in which the two wells are located, through which the child Julen and the excavated one fell for his rescue, while the Malaga judge in charge of directing the investigations of the case does not allow «Flatten and compact» the terrain.

In addition to preventing accidents of people who out of curiosity or for other reasons approach the place, it is intended to preserve the evidence that may be required by the judge, according to LA RAZÓN sources of the investigation.

At the moment, both wells have been covered with metallic plates of 600 kilos each, and agents of the Benemérita maintain a permanent surveillance on the ground.

As it advanced this newspaper in its edition of yesterday, the investigation centers in determining if there are penal responsibilities related to that hole by which the child precipitated and the conditions in which it was. The report that the Service of Protection of Nature (Seprona) of the Civil Guard has delivered in the Court of Instruction number 9 of Malaga, includes urban studies of the area. Possible infractions are also pointed out when drilling the well; that the works did not have any authorization; the absence of security measures and earth movements in place.

The aforementioned sources assured in this regard that the photographic report released yesterday by some media does not correspond to any made by the Civil Guard. "We do not use a hardware tape measure and the images do not carry the emblem of the Body."

On non-developable land

The well is on undeveloped land, which means that, with the corresponding permits, the drilling could have been done legally if the purpose for which the survey was wanted was justified.

As it is a rustic land, which does not have any kind of protection or affectation, since it is not a natural park or a protected area, on the Totalán farm you could have requested permission to dig the well, something that was not done, or another action, but always with a binding report of a favorable nature.

According to the investigations, both the well through which Julen fell and the earth movements were made in December, and everything points, according to Efe, to that the well was first made and then the earth moved, although it is necessary to wait for the reports final that made the specialists of the Seprona de la Benemérita.

For its part, the National Institute of Toxicology]A de Sevilla expects to have the results of the studies and analysis of Julen body samples within eight or ten days.

This has been confirmed by sources from the Ministry of Justice, who told Ep that the samples collected in the preliminary autopsy have not yet arrived in Seville, which they expect to happen throughout today.

"The Julen family needs privacy"

The team of psychologists who have cared for the Julen family continues to be available to relatives, if necessary, at a time when they need privacy.
Francisca Ruiz, vice-dean of the College of Psychologists of Eastern Andalusia, told Efe yesterday that until yesterday they were accompanying the family and they remain at their disposal, but warned that "now they need their space to analyze and digest what happened."


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