Contradictions | Television | THE COUNTRY

Contradictions | Television | THE COUNTRY

The Serie The secret of Adam has the best and worst of television fiction. The best thing is that, despite its duration – 12 chapters of 45 minutes – it manages to hook the viewer with a growing progression. The worst, the use of flashbacks, that ends up exhausting, and an open and disturbing end of which it is known that there will be no second season. Leave who followed it with the hypothetical honey on the lips.

A child kidnapped at age eight reappears ten years later. So far nothing new under the hyperinflated sun of the series. How to get to fill eight hours of history? Complicating the plot: the mother gets the mayoralty of Red Pines (Maine) at the same time that her young son disappears. Throughout the chapters we will attend her triumphant and ambitious political career while her family, husband and two older children, break down. Infidelity and alcoholism are basically the culprits.

The abusive use of flashbacks allows the person in charge of the plot, Jenna Bans, to situate the sentimental contradictions of the matriarch. The signs "Ten years ago" and "Currently" are the real co-stars of an excellent Joan Allen who is torn between her ambition and the pain of a loss, to the point where both feelings are fed back. It is already known that in politics the end justifies the means, as we can see in this valley of tears that is nowadays.

Telecinco issued the series in the summer of 2016 and now it can be seen complete in Amazon Prime Video. Its repercussion in the United States was curious. For Brian Lowry, in Variety, "Distinguished by a high-flying cast, which includes Joan Allen and Andrew McCarthy, this soap opera is slow, but reasonably exciting, with plenty of possibilities opening up in its early stages." For Tim Goodman, in The Hollywood Reporter, It turned out to be "poorly written and completely ridiculous". This is life: pure contradiction.


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