Contradicted and not 'contradicted': Torres' slip

The president made a very common mistake at the press conference in Lanzarote on Monday

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It is among the most consulted doubts to the Urgent Spanish Foundation (Fundéu), the foundation that monitors the quality of written and spoken Spanish:
do you say 'contradicted' or 'contradicted'?

'contradicted' is what the president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, said last Monday in his
press conference in Lanzaroteafter meeting with Pedro Sánchez.

He used that term when referring to the contradictions of the Popular Party in energy matters, before the adjustment plan approved by the Government of
Pedro Sanchez.

If you go to the
Urgent Spanish Foundationyou will find this query:

"I would like to know if
the verb contradict It has two participles, one irregular contradicted and one regular contradicted«.

And the answer is:
"The only right way is contradicted."

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