Contracts with 'green' electricity rates grew by 12% in 2021

Contracts with 'green' electricity rates grew by 12% in 2021

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With this model, the electricity companies guarantee the customer that the energy consumed comes from renewable technologies

The 'green' energy marketed in Spain in 2021 increased by 12%, with a total of 122 million guarantees of origin issued in the year, equivalent to 122 terawatt hours (TWh), compared to 109 million the previous year, according to the statistical information related to the labeling of electricity published by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Electricity labeling is based on the System of Guarantees of Origin, the only valid tool for marketers to inform their customers of the origin of the electricity they sell and its environmental impact in their monthly bills. This mechanism prevents companies from developing misleading advertising strategies about the 'green' origin of their offers.

In 2021, 234 marketers participated in this system --compared to 247 in 2020--, which accumulate 87% of all the energy sold in Spain. In addition, during the year, approximately 95% of the national production from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration was backed by the System of Guarantees of Origin.

On the other hand, the electricity of more than five million consumers, a record figure in recent years, was redeemed. The redemption consists of assigning certain guarantees to a specific electricity consumer and is carried out through the code that identifies its supply point (CUPS) or, alternatively, through the NIF corresponding to several CUPS.

The management of the System of Guarantees of Origin is the responsibility of the CNMC. It is an accreditation, in electronic format, that ensures the volume of megawatt hours (MWh) generated from renewable sources or high-efficiency cogeneration, in a given period of time.

The energy producers request the guarantees from the regulator and, once obtained, they can transfer them to a national marketer or export them to a European marketer.

Last year was the first year that the CNMC electricity labeling was carried out. With this standard, changes were introduced to update the labeling and adapt it to that of the surrounding European countries.

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