June 24, 2021

Contests, new platforms goal | TV

Fiction has been the main bet of streaming, the star content with which international video on demand platforms have sought, from the beginning, to engage viewers. At the same time, in the prime time of Spanish open television, the realities, talent search programs and other competitions show each week their power to congregate the public. They have the ability to create television events with which their followers feel that, if they miss it on the day and time marked, they will be left out of the conversation the next day. While the viewer is the one who decides when he watches a series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and company, programmers still have the last word in entertainment.

But this reality is changing. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have projects underway that seek to broaden the horizons of content offered to their subscribers. To the nearly two dozen Spanish series that Netflix has released or has in anticipation for the coming months, in October 2019 its first entertainment program produced in Spain was added. Niquelao! It is an adaptation of Nailed It! international format in which pastry chefs amateurs They try to replicate sweets with high technical requirements, not always with optimal results. The singer, actress and comic star María José Charro, known as La Terremoto de Alcorcón, is the host of the Spanish edition.

Further, last week the platform announced the premiere in 2020 of what will be his first musical contest in Spain, To sing! In it, six participants will test their vocal skills performing familiar songs and overcoming different phases in which they can increase the amount of the initial prize, 30,000 euros. Ricky Merino, one of the participants of OT 2017 and now driving OT chat in 1, it will be the presenter.

Amazon Prime Video has several Spanish production entertainment projects underway, still unannounced. Unlike other platforms, it already has a person in charge of the non-fiction area in Spain, Óscar Prol. “People assume that [en el campo de la no ficción] the services of streaming They only offer documentaries, but this is not the case with Amazon Prime Video. We also want recognized formats, entertainment programs, reality shows… And we are not looking for global television shows that need global stars. In Spain, we want the best content for the local public, “Prol says by email to EL PAÍS.” We want to develop original Spanish programs, new formats that we can transfer to the whole world. Nor are we in the volume game. We say no to many ideas because we have a high ambition for what a Show Amazon should be, “he adds.

The objective in Spain is to follow the platform’s production trail in other countries such as realities Love island in France, Celebrity Hunted in Italy, the Japanese version of Bachelor or LOL: Last One Laughing, a program they have launched in Australia and Mexico in which the last comedian who endures without laughing is the winner. But, can platforms compete with open television in this territory? “We are looking for concepts that are unique, successful and that you would not see on television. The audience of the services of streaming It is growing very fast and we are sure that we will be able to consolidate these formats that are traditionally very successful in open television also on demand, “says Prol.

One of Amazon’s first major blows of effect back in 2015 occurred in the field of entertainment when it announced the star signing of Jeremy Clarkson. The journalist and presenter had been suspended a few months earlier by the BBC after a strong fight with one of the producers of Top Gear the automobile program he captained and one of the most successful of the British public chain. Co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond also left with him. Even if Top gear continued with other faces in front, the original trio replied that format on the video platform and the result is The Grand Tour, a space that is already in its fourth season and is one of Amazon’s flagships.

The wide possibilities that entertainment offers are reflected in the catalog of programs produced by Netflix. From the reality starring glass blowers Blown away until recent The circle, a kind of Big Brother in which its participants can only interact with each other through an application. From contestants who have to pass different tests after having stayed 24 hours without sleeping in Awake: The Million Dollar Game, until the search program for the next big rap star Rhythm + Flow. A gastronomy contest with cannabis (Placed in the kitchen) shares a place with a space where participants are subjected to tests that rub against physical torture (Flinch). Almost everything goes while the platforms try to cross the next television border.

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