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Conte's requests make it difficult to negotiate with Real Madrid | sports

Conte's requests make it difficult to negotiate with Real Madrid | sports

The negotiations between Real Madrid and Antonio have stalled in just a few hours. Between the end of the Camp Nou classic, on Sunday afternoon, and noon on Monday. The time that has led to the club presided by Florentino Perez in verifying that the Italian coach is not desperate to sit on the bench of the Bernabéu. The time it took Conte to verify that Madrid did not consider it the only option offered by the market and, perhaps because of that, they have not taken it very seriously, according to one of the people participating in the contacts. In the midst of uncertainty, Julen Lopetegui, the man who was supposed to replace Conte, who has known for weeks that he will be fired, led the Monday morning training in Valdebebas.

The last thing that was known about Antonio Conte until last week is that he was on holiday in Egypt because a friend of his had posted his photo near the Red Sea, wearing dark brown, shorts and a beach shirt. The man had taken the rest of the warrior, a qualifier that, in his case, harmonizes with the character that a representative who knows him well defines as "warlike".

He was coming to win a trial against Chelsea, where he openly challenged the owner, Roman Abramovich. He did it by appearing in Cobham's locker room after the club announced his dismissal publicly. There he led two training sessions mixing again with players who had mostly stopped supporting him, only to gather evidence that he did not leave his post. In the end, the evidence allowed him to successfully claim before the judge compensation of 100% of the contract owed him and not 60%, which was what Abramovich intended to pay him. Nothing similar is known in the recent history of football. Neither is known a coach who has left planted the Agnelli family, owners of Juventus, in full preseason. This was done by Conte when he verified that the Turin club did not meet his requirements for ups and downs.

Paraphrasing the Madrid officials who were discussing the possible exits to the sports crisis these days, Conte was the paradigm of the "hard hand" in the management of costumes. That was the poster that he wore when Florentino Pérez imagined him in the role of justice of a staff that he blames for having gentrified. What the Madrid president should not have imagined was that Conte would not reserve the hand of stone only for the players.

Conte clarified to the emissaries of the club that if they wanted to hire him, he worked as a team and needed to have a large group of collaborators that he trusted. He demanded that his field assistants, fitness trainer, goalkeeper coach and nutritionist be included. More than four people All a praetorian guard. The interlocutor of Madrid replied that the club preferred to accompany him to people who knew "the house", because he already had physical trainers, like Pintus, and also nutritionists, and even field assistants.

Convinced that he was being called to undertake a campaign of extreme hardship, the last thing that passed through Conte's head was to be alone surrounded by strangers. His response was that, well, he was not interested in committing himself. This, according to sources of the directive, annoyed Florentino Perez.

After unilaterally bid farewell to the Agnelli and after dizzy Abramovich in court, now Antonio Conte is placed in a privileged position to add that when Florentino Perez went to look for him, he did not say yes to the first.

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