Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Conte says that with the new Government Italy will recover first line in the EU

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who heads the new government formed by the coalition between the Democratic Party (PD) and the 5 Star Movement (M5S), said today before traveling to Brussels that "Italy is stronger now" and that "will recover the first line in the European Union".

With the investiture vote on Tuesday in the Senate, the new government between the anti-systems and the Democrats was launched and the crisis in the country, caused after the departure of the Matteo Salvini League Executive, ended.

"We will immediately get to work. I will be in Brussels where I will have a day full of meetings with the leaders of the EU institutions. In Europe we have no time to lose," wrote Conte, who repeated as prime minister after the experience of the M5S Executive -League.

Conte said that "Italy is stronger today and with the new Government we want to play a leading role in this phase of EU renewal."

Among the objectives that Conte takes to Brussels, as indicated in its message on social networks and in its investiture speech, will be the revision of the Stability Pact "in favor of growth" and the Dublin Treaty on migration flows, as well as get a plan of interventions that favor the development of the South of the country.

On the issue of immigration, Conte announced that it intends to "continue with a multi-level, structural and non-emergency management" and reach an agreement for an automatic mechanism on the redistribution of migrants.

The presence of the new Italian Government in Europe has begun with the proposal by the future president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, of the former head of the Italian Government and member of the PD, Paolo Gentiloni, as Commissioner of Economy , which Conte said is "the strongest there is."

Gentiloni, who succeeded Matteo Renzi in 2016 as prime minister after his resignation, thanked Von der Leyen on social networks for his appointment "at a crucial time for the future of the European economy."

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