October 1, 2020

Conte, discarded; Solari … for now

Conte, discarded; Solari ... for now

Discarded Conte because in the club there is no agreement on whether it is the best for the white bench, the bet for the nearest future is Solari, the coach of Castilla, who will sit on the bench in Melilla on Wednesday and everything points to the fact that Saturday will do so at the Santiago Bernabéu as first coach. It may even be until the following weekend, in Balaídos, the last match before the competition is stopped by the matches of selections.

The former player has been a coach in the lower categories of Real Madrid, well valued in Valdebebas for his knowledge and his way of being, he has always ensured that he is there for what is needed. And now he is urgently needed. This afternoon, at 19.30, the Board of Directors of the club meets and a statement will then be issued confirming the dismissal of Lopetegui. And Solari, who already knows that they have chosen him, will take command of the first team, as happened with Zidane, when Benítez was fired.

Lopetegui was in Valdebebas this morning leading the training because that was still his job, but everyone was aware that his dismissal was decided. It will be this afternoon. In Madrid they have long since lost faith in the work of the Basque coach and it is not understandable that a squad like the one Madrid has right now is in the classification squad, has been beaten in Barcelona and has lost unprecedented matches against rivals clearly inferior.

Solari's job is to find light in the tunnel and change the mood of a staff that has lost its self-confidence and does not seem very committed to the situation of the entity. Solari, a trained with good use of language, trained and experienced as a player in a dressing room like that of Madrid, faces a challenge that is complicated but at the same time exciting. At first the bet is that it is a temporary matter until the Madrid decides (Roberto Martinez, in Belgium coach) is who has won many integers, but the Argentine coach knows that if he does well, if his role serves as Reactivating the costume and change the almost suicidal trend, will win whole, either to continue or to make the final leap to the elite and stop training players, as he has been doing so far.


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