April 16, 2021

Consumers pay almost the total costs of banking employees in fees, according to Adicae

Consumers pay almost the total costs of banking employees in fees, according to Adicae


Those considered as five major Spanish financial institutions entered in 2018 a total 21,347 million euros only in commissions, a percentage that represents 24% of the gross margin of its income throughout the year, according to the calculations made by the Association of Users, Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance in Spain (Adicae).

Based on the accounts presented by the large Spanish bank, Adicae has purchased that with the surcharges passed on to users can cover almost the entire cost of the workforce. Thus, the association gives an example to Banco Santander, which with which it entered in 2018 by commissions (11,485 million euros) it has to cover practically all (96.80%) of its personnel expenses (11,865 million) or half of its overall expenses (22,779 million) of exploitation.

This situation differs from that of BBVA, which with its commissions (4,879 million euros) covers 79% of the 6,120 million dedicated to person expensesl, or Bankia, where 1,065 million euros represent more than 56% of its operating costs and more than 90% of what it spends on its employees (1,161 million).

For its part the Sabadell would leak losses of 1,000 million euros without the 1,335 million paid by commission, whereas for Caixabank this item (2,583 million) accounted for more than 60% of both recurring costs and operating margin.

Adica concludes that the increase in the profit of the large banks in Spain in 2018 -which increased by more than 20% with respect to 2017- is based on the application of commissions to consumers and that it is used "to cover holes in the balance sheet and collect this way some amounts that represent 132% of their joint benefits ».

In the portal of the Bank of Spain it is recalled that bank commissions are free except in those cases in which the amount of these charges is limited by a rule, as for example in the early cancellation of a mortgage or a consumer credit. Likewise, it is emphasized that these expenses must respond to services effectively provided and that have previously been requested or accepted.


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