Consumer confidence rises 2.4 points in October - The Province

Consumer confidence rises 2.4 points in October - The Province

Theconsumer confidenceit rose 2.4 points in October compared to the previous month, until it reached93 points. Despite this, this indicator remains at its lowest levels in the last two years, according to data published on Monday by theCenter for Sociological Research(CIS).

This rebound in consumer confidence in the tenth month of the year, which contrasts with theCollapse in almost 12 points that was recorded in September, is due to the best assessment that citizens make of the current situation and their highest expectations.

In spite of these improvements, consumer confidence remains below 100 points, with which the perception of consumers is considered negative, sinceto consider it positive, it must be above 100 points.

Within the two indicators that make up the consumer confidence index, the current situation registered an advance of 2.5 points, up to 85.4 points.

On the other hand, the expectations indicator increased 2.3 points in October, to 100.5 points, once again surpassing the 100 points barrier after having fallen below this figure last September.


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