Conservatives and Greens reissue their coalition in the German "Land" of Hesse

Conservatives and Greens reissue their coalition in the German "Land" of Hesse

The German Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, today signed a new coalition pact with the Greens in Hesse, the German "Land" to which the country's financial and banking capital, Frankfurt, belongs.

The head of the regional government, Volker Bouffier, and the leader of the environmental education, Tarek al Wazir, signed the document, endorsed on Saturday by both parties and which means republishing the alliance with which they govern in this federated state since 2014.

The signing comes two months after the regional elections in that "Land", where the big formations – both the CDU and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) – suffered a hard fall of votes, while the Greens experienced a strong takeoff.

The conservatives won 27% of the vote, a decrease of 11 points compared to the previous regional, while the Greens rose to 19.8%, a rise of more than 8 points.

The SPD, partners of Merkel in Berlin, also lost eleven points and were in third position with the same percentage as the Greens, although with a slight advantage for the ecologists.

The far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) was in fourth place with 13%, which meant a rise of 9 points and gave that formation seats in the last regional parliament of the country where it still had no representation.

The fall of votes in that "Land" of the west of Germany happened to the loss of the absolute majority of the conservatives of Bavaria, at the beginning of October.

A day after the elections in Hesse, Merkel announced that she would not run for re-election as leader of the CDU and that she will not present another candidacy as chancellor at the end of the current legislature.

The succession of Merkel to the front of the CDU was settled in the congress of the party of last December in favor of the continuation Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who prevailed by a narrow difference on the candidate of the most right wing of the party, Friedrich Merz.


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