CONPYMES and Podemos want large companies not to receive European funds until they pay the self-employed




The debate on payment terms in commercial relations, an issue that particularly affects the self-employed, has entered fully into the debate on the management of European funds. The National Confederation of SMEs (CONPYMES) and the parliamentary group of United We Can have agreed this Wednesday an amendment to Royal Decree Law 36/2020 on the management of European funds, which is processed in the Congress of Deputies as a bill, in which it proposes that no large company What present non-payments to suppliers above the legal requirement of 60 days they cannot be recipients of the new European aid.

Both Unidos Podemos and CONPYMES have announced that they will initiate contacts with different parliamentary groups, so that the amendment can be incorporated into the Law. Specifically, the amendment intends to introduce a new section two in the article 54 on the preparation of contract type-specifications so that these documents incorporate as «Inexcusable requirement compliance with payment terms established in Law 3/2004, of December 29th »when requesting participation in public-private agreements or contracts that are subscribed to the heat of European funds.

For CONPYMES, the modification seeks that the big enterprises that they are in debt and that, in his opinion, “weigh down the activity of the productive fabric of our country due to non-payment to suppliers” and he asks that their access to this aid be restricted.

In a similar vein, the parliamentary spokesman for Podemos in the Congress of Deputies Pablo Echenique has spoken, who has described the proposal as a “magnificent idea” and believes that this new requirement will serve as a “Incentive for large companies to pay what they owe to our small and medium fabric”. In his opinion, this should be “a very important boost to economic and employment recovery.”

For the second vice president of CONPYMES, María José Landaburu, «it is not acceptable that large indebted companies are rewarded while many SMEs and self-employed workers cannot cope with the bureaucracy and do not have the structure to access European funds ”.

In Spain, more than 99% of companies are SMEs and the self-employed, representing around 70% of employment and more than 60% of gross domestic product (GDP). Regarding the payment terms, the law sets the time to pay bills at a maximum of 60 days. According to the data provided by the companies to the CNMV, the Ibex companies pay their suppliers in an average period of 169 days, almost a year and a half. According to CONPYMES, the large Ibex companies would have withheld some 60,000 million euros.

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