July 24, 2021

Connect with 'A Digital Diet' – The Province

Connect with 'A Digital Diet' - The Province

Engaged in their profiles on the networks and embarked on the sale of products of the company Hierba Time, which holds a convention in Las Vegas, the characters of 'A Digital Diet', the comedy that opens on October 12 at the Teatro Guiniguada , portray a society capable of anything to triumph.

The selfie and posturing culture combined with the almost unhealthy dependence to keep mobile, tablets and other electronic devices always in coverage are the pillars where it pivots A Digital Diet, the comedy of enredo carried out by Lili Quintana, Yanely Hernández and Mingo Ruano which opens next Friday, October 12 at the Guiniguda Theater in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Written and directed by Israel Reyes and produced by Clapso, the montage is a portrait as funny as it is cruel of the farce in which the life of a good part of the current society represented in this work by Fabiola, Carla and Ramiro (Quintana, Hernández and Ruano, respectively), passes. "Three characters that measure their happiness by the number of 'likes' obtained in social networks," explains Reyes.

A convention in Las Vegas of the company Hierba Time pyramid and the concatenation of unexpected events end up revealing the reality of the protagonists who discover how much lie has their well-off existence.

"My character is the typical woman who gets everything she wants," she says. Lili Quintana about Fabiola, "who achieves everything, apparently, from the truth and without worrying about the damage it may cause." Although my interpretation is worked from the histrionics, with the indications of Israel Reyes I try to naturalize without losing neither the ambiguity nor the hypocrisy that characterizes it. "

Mingo Ruano describes Ramiro, his character, as "a lover of power, a born manipulator whose goal is to achieve success at all costs by putting in a second or even third plane their fraternal and sentimental relationships."

The third leg of this fun mess where treachery, egos and relationships play an important role is Yanely Hernández, Carla in A Digital Diet, "a nutritionist lover of healthy living who sees the open skies when the possibility of selling the milkshakes that Hierba Time commercializes and that she loves so much, a business that will earn, in principle, a lot of money", concludes the actress about a montage that the cast describes as a "technological comedy".


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