Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Congress will endorse the state of alarm for the coronavirus but without unanimity

Congress will endorse this afternoon to extend the state of alarm caused by the coronavirus until April 11, although the initiative of Pedro Sánchez it will not achieve the unanimity of the House. The Prime Minister will get a large majority of at least 257 votes, those of the socialist group, the PP, United We Can, Citizens and the PNV. ERC and JxCat have already announced that they will abstain, while Vox and Bildu have not yet decided the direction of their vote.

Today’s plenary session, which will start at 3:00 pm, will be atypical. A total of 306 deputies have already requested the telematic vote, so the physical presence of the parliamentarians will be very low, as happened in the session last week in which Sánchez gave explanations about the statement of the state of alarm. The Prime Minister himself will defend this afternoon in the Chamber the need for the extension.

Reproach list

It will have the replica of the PP leader, Pablo Casado, and from the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, which has already recovered from the coronavirus. ERC spokespersons will also participate in the plenary, Gabriel Rufián, and PNV, Mikel Legarda. Instead, the president of Ciudadanos will not attend, Inés Arrimadas, that she is pregnant and keeps a very strict confinement, nor any deputy of her group. The JxCat deputies will not participate either.

The broad guarantee that the extension of the state of alarm will achieve does not mean that the groups do not have a long list of reproaches for Sánchez on account of his management of the crisis. They have it and they will recite it to the president throughout the afternoon. Married does not want to reveal the details of his speech, but the secretary general of the popular, Teodoro García EgeaIn recent days, it has broken down where the PP’s criticism is running.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado.

The popular ones consider that the single command decreed with the state of alarm “has not been successful”, they demand “massive tests” to diagnose the Covid-19 and they reproach the Executive that “it takes advantage of the circumstance to shield Pablo Iglesias at the CNI or to propose pardons ”. In the PP they do not see favorably that the decree of economic measures to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus included a reform of the law of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) to legalize the presence of Churches.

It also criticizes the Government for the order of the Ministry of Justice issued on March 20, which reactivates the pardon procedures, which had been paralyzed by the decree of the state of alarm on March 14. Abascal shares some of these reproaches. Vox demands that the pardons be paralyzed again and has already announced that it will appeal the change in the CNI law.

The formation of the extreme right has not yet decided on the meaning of its vote, because it conditions its yes to the extension to the Government fulfilling a series of conditions. Abascal will demand, among other things, that it is guaranteed that the examinations of the students affected by the suppression of classes and the oppositions will be held once the crisis ends. He will also ask that the taxes on electricity, water and gas paid by families be eliminated, that subsidies to political parties and unions be suspended, and that “no aid be granted or extraordinary funding be done for the media. ”Due to the Covid-19 crisis.

For its part, Arrimadas, who waits until the last moment to see if the President of Congress, Meritxell Batet, allows him to intervene in plenary session electronically, has already announced his yes to the extension, although he has put on the table a battery of measures to try to improve the situation of farmers and ranchers during the crisis. Citizens also demand “more protection against contagion, that access to funds be made more flexible, that an investment plan and new measures for the self-employed be drawn up.”

ERC and JxCat Abatement

The PNV will also join the yes bloc “for the safety of the people,” as the spokesman for the Basque nationalists explained yesterday. Aitor Esteban. However, Estaban believes that this situation “should not go beyond what is necessary”, so his group will demand that the state of alarm be lifted if the health crisis is resolved “and they are not necessary every day of the extension “

ERC has confirmed its abstention in the vote on the extension of this state of alarm, which was decreed on March 14 for a period of 15 days and will now extend two more weeks, until April 11. They will also choose to abstain from JxCat considering that “the extension is necessary, but insufficient.” What the group wants Laura Borràs it is “total confinement” as the President of the Generalitat has been demanding, Quim Torra, in the last days.

Also More Country, the party of Inigo Errejon, is in favor of “tightening confinement and paralyzing all non-essential productive activity”, although he will vote in favor of the extension. Finally, Bildu has not yet decided the direction of his vote, but it is possible that he will also lean towards abstention, since he has the idea of ​​”agreeing on a common position with the rest of the independence forces.”

ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián.

ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián.
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