November 30, 2020

Congress weaves a sanitary cordon against the extreme right and Abascal does not add a single vote outside of Vox

The Congress of Deputies has overturned this Thursday the motion of censure presented by Vox against the Government of Pedro Sánchez. The extreme right has been left alone in the disapproval of the Executive and has not achieved a single vote other than that of its 52 parliamentarians in favor of the motion. 298 deputies have rejected it. He ‘no’ of the PP, announced this morning by its leader, Pablo CasadoAfter days of suspense, it has allowed the Lower House to weave a historic sanitary cordon against the extreme right.

Casado breaks with Abascal and the PP votes 'no' to Vox's motion of censure: "We don't want to be like you"

Married breaks with Abascal and announces his ‘no’ to Vox’s motion of censure

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The wide rejection is a boost for the progressive government, which despite its weak parliamentary majorities comes out stronger from the motion, the fifth presented since the restoration of democracy and the one with the least parliamentary support in the last 40 years. The initiative has also delved into the division of the Spanish right divided into three – PP, Ciudadanos and Vox – due to the break with the Abascal formation announced by Casado, whose party, the PP, governs in three autonomous communities thanks to the support of the extreme right.

“Today they have all come together to defeat Vox, it has not been the first time and it will not be the last but do not celebrate it much because soon you will be fighting for the spoils of the ruin,” Abascal acknowledged in his last speech. “Spain will prevail despite you,” concluded the candidate for the Presidency of the Government, defeated in the Lower House.

“It has become clear that you do not have any support”, reminded him, for his part, Sánchez himself, strengthened after the rejection of the first motion of censure that he has faced since his arrival at Moncloa, in 2018. La Abascal’s defeat is, for him, “a relief”, after the Vox leader did not contribute “anything for Spain” during the debate. “You are alone,” added Sánchez.

The main blow suffered by Abascal came this Thursday, not only because of the ‘no’ of the PP announced by Casado but also because of the harsh speech that the leader of the popular gave against Vox, the party with which he competes for the same electorate and which, at the same time, allows him to maintain power in the Community of Madrid, Andalusia and the Region of Murcia.

Abascal to Casado: “I did not expect this intervention”

Abascal confessed “perplexed” after listening to Casado, who was forceful against the motion: “We will vote ‘no’ to your candidacy to preside over the Government of Spain. We will vote ‘no’ because we say no to the break you seek, ‘no “to the polarization you need, like Sánchez.” No “to that Spain with clubs, in black and white, trenches, anger and fear.” No “to that anti-Spanish monstrosity, which you also sponsor, that anti-political Cainite leftist or right wing destined to make Spaniards hate and fear each other. We say ‘no’ to your motion because we say ‘no’ to Sánchez and his partners, the visible ones and the one in the shadows, which is you, “he concluded.

“At last the usual PP returns, Mariano Rajoy’s communication secretary,” the Vox leader responded sarcastically, visibly knocked out by the positioning of the popular. Abascal has accused Casado of joining “the brutal Vox caricature.” “I did not expect this to be his intervention,” added the still candidate for the presidency of the Government. However, Abascal assured that the citizens of the communities in which the PP governs thanks to Vox can have “tranquility”, insinuating that he will maintain support for the autonomic executives of the right.

After the hard confrontation between Casado and Abascal Iglesias took the floor to warn both Casado and the president of Inés Arrimadas that the distance they have tried to put with the extreme right “is late” despite acknowledging that the speech of the PP leader had been “brilliant.” “The monster is devouring you,” Iglesias told Casado.

The leader of Vox and candidate for the presidency of the Government, Santiago Abascal, has intervened after the scuffle between the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, and vice president Pablo Iglesias, to charge against the president of the popular for equating him with United We Can and acknowledge your defeat.


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