May 15, 2021

Congress urges the Government to design with CCAA the plan for students with disabilities

Congress yesterday approved a non-law proposal to urge the Government to convene the Education Sector Conference, with representation from all the autonomous communities to develop the plan provided in the Fourth Additional Provision of the Lomloe, so that ordinary centers have the necessary resources to be able to attend to students with disabilities.

The text, presented by Unidos Podemos, has been approved by the Commission on the Rights of Children and Adolescents with the vote in favor of PSOE, Unidas Podemos and Ciudadanos and against PP, Vox and Foro Asturias.

“It is essential to take structural measures that allow the percentage of students with disabilities who are referred to special centers to be reduced,” said United We Can Deputy María del Mar García Puig during the defense of the non-law proposal.

As specified, the convention on the rights of people with disabilities ratified by Spain in 2008, “points to the obligation to ensure an inclusive system at all levels” and provides that the signatory states “must ensure that people with disabilities can access to inclusive, quality and free primary and secondary education, under equal conditions ”. In addition, he recalled that Spanish legislation “establishes that public and private concerted centers must guarantee the right to education, access under conditions of equality and freedom of choice of center.” However, he regretted that “the reality is very different, as there is a high concentration of vulnerable students in schools.”


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