June 16, 2021

Congress urges the Government to create a State Pact for Culture in two years

The Culture Commission of Congress has given the green light this Wednesday to a non-law proposal that urges the Government to, within two years, promote a State Pact for Culture that “protects and promotes” cultural activity and “supports” creators and artists.

The NLP, presented by the socialist deputy Marca Lamuá, has come forward with 28 votes in favor, and after the amendment presented Citizens was incorporated in which it asked to specify a time to implement this State Pact for Culture.

According to the text of the initiative, this State Pact for Culture also will allow the cultural sector “to increase its influence in society” and “to consolidate a sustainable model of growth”.

During the defense of the non-law proposal, Lamuá has detailed that this pact should “pivot on two main axes”: the culture.

“Culture – he has expressed – is part of the catalog of rights of the Welfare State, as citizens we need culture for full individual and collective development, we live it during this pandemic.”

The deputy for Ciudadanos, Guillermo Díaz, has used his three-minute speech to ask that the Culture Commission be “a vault in which confrontation does not enter”, and has had a memory for the former deputies and architects of the Statute of the Artist José Andres Torres Mora (PSOE), Emilio del Río (PP), Eduardo Maura (United We Can), Marta Rivera de la Cruz and Félix Alvarez (Cs).

In this sense, he has affirmed that if this State Pact for Culture is carried out, in the same way that all the political parties agreed to approve the Statute of the Artist, this would be for him the “trophy” that he would take home when he ceases to be a deputy.

In this Wednesday’s session of this commission also a NLP that calls for the development of urgent extraordinary measures in the field of patronage has been debated and rejected before the crisis produced in the cultural sector by the state of alarm because of the COVID-19.

Specifically, the text presented by Ciudadanos urges the Government to promote a digital platform, in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, that serves to support and disseminate the legal offer available on the Internet of the culture sector or promote a cultural bonus (physical and digital), in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, in order to alleviate the temporary decrease in income in certain areas of the culture sector.

Among the measures requested by Citizens is also that of promote a package of exceptional measures to favor access and consumption of the legal offer of cultural content on the Internet; as well as enabling credit lines under special conditions to help alleviate the decline in consumption of cultural products and services that “has been occurring since the State of Alarm was decreed.”

Among other measures, it also asks to approve a Code of Good Practices for Public Administrations “in order to acquire copyright licenses for the use of content protected by intellectual property rights” or to create a new Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Intellectual property.

The avalanche of cancellations is suffocating the sector, Culture is dying. Closures and ruin in this sector, “lamented Guillermo Díaz from Ciudadanos during his presentation.


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