Congress today takes first step for people with disabilities to vote

Congress today takes first step for people with disabilities to vote

The plenary of the Congress approves today, predictably unanimously, the reform of the Organic Law of General Electoral Regime (Loreg) to grant the right of suffrage to all persons with disabilities without exclusions, so that 100,000 people can vote in the next elections .

In particular, the opinion of the Constitutional Commission on the proposal of a law to modify the Loreg that seeks to end the suppression of the right to vote for certain persons with disabilities, even allowed in the Spanish electoral legislation, is debated and voted.

Last week the Constitutional Commission approved by majority (36 votes in favor and one abstention) the opinion of the reform initiative, which will be sent to the Senate after being approved today in the Lower House.

This is a claim made years ago by the Spanish Committee of representatives of People with Disabilities (Cermi), which has expressed its satisfaction to consider that "democracy is about to reach all people with disabilities in Spain."

A few words made by the Secretary of State for Social Services, Ana Isabel Lima, last Tuesday at the Commission for the Integral Policies of Disability, where she shared her joy for this "democratic success".

"We are going to make history by maturing Spanish democracy," Lima said before pointing out that if the legislative procedure "follows its fulfillment", those 100,000 people who "had not had that right until now" could already vote in the upcoming elections in Andalusia. from December.

This law reform initiative comes from the Madrid Assembly and its consideration went ahead in the Plenary Session of the Congress of Deputies in November 2017.


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