Congress supports the increase in pensions and salaries to officials




Green light at 0.9% revaluation of pensions and the 2% rise in the salary of civil servants. The Congress of Deputies has begun the plenary activity of the XIV Legislature with the validation of three decrees of an economic nature: the improvements in purchasing power for retirees and public employees approved by the PSOE and United Podemos Coalition Government and the so-called «Cadastre» which includes the update of the cadastral values ​​of 1,092 municipalities at the request of the municipalities, among other measures. The validation has also meant the premiere before the rostrum of two new ministers of the Executive: José Luis Escrivá, holder of the Inclusion, Social Security and Migration portfolio, and Carolina Darias, from Territorial Policy and Public Function.

The first to receive the endorsement of the chamber has been the decree law on the increase of pensions, with an important political burden for the Government, since it was also promoted by the first council of ministers of the legislature. He did, of course, after the retirees began the year with their frozen payrolls waiting for the endowment of Pedro Sánchez's investiture. Once in the presidency, Sánchez increased benefits 0.9% retroactively from January 1. Thus, February pensions have already picked up this increase, which reflects the CPI forecast for the whole year, and that will increase the deficit by just over 1,400 million euros per year, it will be applicable to all groups, including passive and non-contributory classes.

Escrivá, during his defense of this measure, he recalled that the 0.9% rise in the royal decree is in line with the second recommendation of the draft of the Toledo Pact which was reached before the dissolution of the courts in the previous legislature. It should be remembered, however, that the agreement was then very close but that it jumped through the air before the refusal of United We, now in the Government, due to the electoral call. However, the minister said that linking pensions to the CPI is a preliminary step for "fair and equitable solutions to pensioners." "We are obliged and determined to solve the solvency of the Social Security system and that must be achieved by giving certainty to pensions and work," he said, while recalling that the minimum pensions will rise above this 0.9% approved today, although he pointed out that they will do it "in the context of the budgetary process to know the margin and how it can be financed." All parliamentary groups, except Vox, have voted favorably on the validation of the decree.

Public employees, also on the rise

The rise in salary of officials has also received the support of the majority of the House today, although its implementation from the Executive was somewhat less decided. The Socialist Government, being in office, did include in the budget plan that remitted to Brussels the salary improvement of public employees, but the measure was not included among the first decisions of the Executive. The nerves then began to run between the CSIF union until the own Ivan Round, chief of staff of the President of the Government, came to ratify them by letter that the Government would comply with the revaluation agreement (which was sealed with the unions during the Government of Mariano Rajoy).

The measure links to 2.5 million workers and will have a cost of 3,212 million euros. The minister DariasFor his part, he defended during his speech that this is a measure of "justice" for the wage freeze suffered by the collective during the years of the crisis but also, he said, "is a tool" for the good economic progress from the country.

Finally, the decree of urgent measures regarding tax, cadastral and Social Security extension has also received a green light, a rule that was missing from a day for its expiration date to expire. The called "catastrophe" Not only does it include the updating coefficients of the cadastral values ​​based on the last year of the review, but it also includes the maintenance in its terms of the thresholds to access the simplified system of modules for which some self-employed tax.


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