Congress, pending the strike of prison officials to decide whether to keep Crespo's appearance

Congress, pending the strike of prison officials to decide whether to keep Crespo's appearance

The strike of prison officials called for next November 13 may jeopardize the appearance before the commission of the Congress that investigates the 'box b' of the PP of 'number two' of the plot 'Gürtel' and former secretary of Organization of PP Galician, Pablo Crespo, who was sentenced to 37 and a half years in prison by the National Court last May.

The four consecutive days of strike called by CSIF, CC.OO, UGT and Acaip end just on November 13, a circumstance that could make it difficult for Crespo to leave Valdemoro prison to attend the Congress.

According to Europa Press have informed parliamentary sources, at the moment the organ that presides Pedro Quevedo has decided to keep the citation of Crespo for that day, although it is pending if the unions maintain the call to strike to see if finally have to fix his appearance for another day.

Crespo, right hand of the head of the network, Francisco Correa, was convicted of crimes of prevarication, fraud to the Public Administrations, active bribery, continued falsehood in commercial document, embezzlement of public funds, money laundering and influence peddling by the first stage of the 'Gürtel' and is also prosecuted or investigated for other causes of corruption such as the financing of the Valencian PP.


The commission had also quoted for the November 13 the CEO of the Azvi Group, Manuel Contreras Caro, who has informed Congress that he will not be able to appear that day because he has a trip outside of Spain. That is why his summons has been canceled and we will have to find another date to question him.

Contreras already denied before judge Pablo Ruz to have made payments to the Popular Party, although it recognized that his company sponsored forums and acts to which political leaders attended.

According to the accounts of the "popular" former treasurer Manuel Contreras and his brother Guillermo, co-responsible for the company, they would have given the PP a total of 858,000 euros. His company received between 2002 and 2011 a total of 802 contracts with an allocation volume of 2,193.66 million euros, of which 21 for an amount of 343 million euros corresponded to 'popular' governments, according to the Economic Crime Unit and Fiscal (UDEF) of the Police.


For the moment, what remains unchanged is the forecast that on November 20 the ex-president of the Congress and former minister Federico Trillo and the former minister and former president of the Balearic Islands Jaume Matas will be explained before the commission.

Trillo, who was ambassador in London until January 2017 when he resigned in the case of the accident of the Yak 42, led the judicial strategy of the PP in the 'Gürtel case', which he came to define as "an assembly organized by the Police of (Alfredo Pérez) Rubalcaba and the Prosecutor's Office ".

The former minister, cited in the investigation as alleged recipient of bonuses in black party, managed to remove from the instruction to the first judge in charge of the case, Baltasar Garzón, who in 2012 was sentenced by the Supreme Court to 11 years of disbarment for prevarication and violation of constitutional guarantees for having authorized the recording in prison of the conversations of the main parties involved in the corruption plot with their lawyers.

For his part, the former Balearic president has accumulated up to six sentences for different cases of corruption and is in the Aranjuez prison (Madrid) since last June serving the sentence of three years and eight months in prison imposed by the Supreme Court for the 'Nóos case'. In 2015 he had already served nine months in prison in Segovia prison for a crime of influence peddling by a piece of the 'Palma Arena' case.

The former Minister of José María Aznar is still pending a trial in which the Prosecutor's Office claims four and a half months in jail and 16 years of disqualification for the alleged manipulation of the public tender to award construction work for the Son Espases hospital in Palma .


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