Congress honors victims of terrorism without associations

The Congress of Deputies celebrates this Saturday the traditional tribute to the victims of terrorism without the presence of some of the associations before the “indifference” of various political forces and “the leading role and recognition” of the Government to EH Bildu, “heirs of the arm politician of ETA “.

Neither the Collective of Victims of Terrorism (COVITE), which has never come since this tribute was established in 2010 under the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, nor the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT), nor the Support Platform Association Victims of Terrorism (APAVT) will attend the event.

The novelty is in the absence of the AVT, which for the first time stands out due to the “political prominence and recognition” that the Government gives “to the heirs of the political arm of ETA”, when citing the pact of relevant legislative reforms or the new prison policy with “41 approaches” from ETA to the Basque Country. Instead, the AVT will read a manifesto in the Plaza de las Cortes.

COVITE always alleges the same reasons for not attending, as its president Consuelo Ordoñez points out. “Honoring the victims of terrorism in an institution in which political parties that justify the existence of ETA and who do not condemn terrorist violence are represented is an exercise in cynicism.”

The act will be attended by representatives of the high institutions of the State, spokesmen and parliamentarians from both houses, but as it already happened in 2019, Vox will not be there, considering it an act of “insult” to the victims since, in their opinion, “they cannot pay homage to neither the victims nor Bildu, who applauds the murderers, nor the partners of Bildu: PSOE and Podemos. ”


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