September 21, 2020

Congress Colombia honors the University of Salamanca for its VIII centenary

Congress Colombia honors the University of Salamanca for its VIII centenary

The Colombian Congress delivered today to the rector of the University of Salamanca, Ricardo Rivero Ortega, the Grand Cross of the Simon Bolivar Order of Democracy as a commander, on the occasion of the eighth centenary of that alma mater and its service and incidence in the Latin American education.

The delivery of the Grand Cross took place in the Luis Carlos Galán room of the Colombian Capitol and Rivero Ortega received it from the representative to the Chamber Jorge Burgos Lugo, from the Partido de la U.

Rivero Ortega was grateful for the distinction and stressed that it was done "in the house of popular sovereignty," which he said the teachers and professors of the University of Salamanca have defended.

"Our contributions to the formation of representatives of the Chamber will continue, we are very committed to the process that is being developed, we want democracy to be stronger in Colombia," the rector said in his speech on receiving the distinction.

For his part, Burgos Lugo referred to the Salamanca institution as "the alma mater of the Hispanic culture" and highlighted the ties that "undeniably unite the University of Salamanca with America", as well as its academic achievements.

The politician highlighted the willingness of Colombia to "continue promoting and supporting Hispanic education", as well as the activities of the University of Salamanca.

Previously, the rector met with the rectors of the Board of Directors of Universia, as well as those of the main universities of Colombia, among which are the Javeriana or the Rosario, and gave a lecture.

The rector began his activities in Bogotá on Monday, the day he opened two exhibitions, one on Miguel de Unamuno at the Reyes Católicos Cultural Center and another entitled "University of Salamanca, America and the School of Salamanca", at the Luis Ángel Arango Library .


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