Congress asks the Government to be extremely vigilant in the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia

The Defense Commission of Congress on Monday asked the Government to increase vigilance in the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the countries involved in the war in Yemen, where it also demands that humanitarian aid be reinforced.

Spanish mortars used by Saudi Arabia on the Yemen border: proof that Spain continues to violate arms export laws

Spanish mortars used by Saudi Arabia on the Yemen border: proof that Spain continues to violate arms export laws

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The initiative, promoted by United We Can, has gone ahead thanks to an agreement with the PSOE and the rejection of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, who have defended that Spanish exports from the defense industry already comply with strict security protocols that it controls an inter-ministerial commission chaired by the Secretary of State for Commerce. The petition also urges the Executive to allocate more humanitarian aid to Yemen and to "intensify efforts" to get closer to the objective of allocating 0.7% of GDP to Development Cooperation,

The motion urges the Government to use the "good harmony" of Spain with the countries of the Persian Gulf to make a "diplomatic effort" to achieve peace in Yemen and requests the Executive to put any other interest before the fulfillment of "international commitments" acquired by Spain in defense of human rights. It asks, in turn, that in compliance with the arms export regulations, suspend or revoke the sale of war material to the Riyadh regime if "if there is knowledge" or "if there is a risk" of misuse.

The deputy of United We Can Roberto Uriarte has warned that Yemen is suffering the most serious humanitarian catastrophe in the world and has warned that sometimes its economic interests prevail over monitoring human rights, for which he has asked to "redirect" his intervention "towards constitutional principles and mandates." This speech has been rejected both by Citizens' deputy Miguel Gutiérrez, who has accused him of telling a "string of lies", and by the PP spokesman, Adolfo Gutiérrez Díaz de Otazu.

For his part, Vox deputy Agustín Rosety has argued that all parties involved in the Yemen war have committed human rights violations. "Can good or evil be identified with any of the parties?" He asked, arguing that Saudi Arabia, "a friendly nation of Spain", is exercising its legitimate defense.

“It is important that, at last, Congress has ruled on the sale of Spanish arms to Yemen," said Alberto Estévez, Amnesty International spokesman on arms trade. "It is positive that the text shows concern about the risk of misuse of Spanish weapons in that conflict. "" The next logical step for the Government, "according to Estévez," is to suspend the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates "that may be used in that conflict, where thousands of people have died. civilians since its outbreak in 2015.

Last August, a joint investigation by and Greenpeace showed that Spanish weapons exported just two years ago were being used by the Saudi Border Guard on the border with Yemen.


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