Congress approves the reform that turns gender violence into a legal specialty

Congress approves the reform that turns gender violence into a legal specialty

The Congress of Deputies has given the green light definitively to the reform that reinforces the training of judges in sexist violence. The plenary has approved by 337 votes in favor and two abstentions the initiative of the PSOE that will become the first legislative reform in application of the State Pact against Gender Violence and that makes gender violence a legal specialty, as it already happens with other matters such as minors or mercantile.

Thus, the training of magistrates who practice in these courts will be strengthened, since access to it will pass from the obligation to do an online course "a few hours," as explained by judicial sources, to have to go through an examination selective for which judges must prepare "to ensure the acquisition of multidisciplinary knowledge to address the complex issues and social reality in which violence against women is framed in its different forms," ​​explains the proposal.

The General Council of the Judicial Power shall design the evidence, as it does with the rest of the subjects, to which interested magistrates may submit themselves once they approve the opposition and after two years of exercise.

"This initiative responds to a clear need expressed during the process of drafting the State Pact against Gender Violence, we are living too many cases in which the judicial system victimizes women, does not believe them and questions them. legal operators incorporate the gender perspective and courts are a source of protection for women and not a hell, as many tell us ", explained the socialist deputy Carmen Rocío Cuello Perez after remembering Laura Luelmo, the teacher of 26 years killed in El Campillo (Huelva).

The case has marked the debate on this proposal and practically all the groups have referred to it. In this sense, the deputy of Citizens Patricia Reyes has remembered "the show" of the plenary session on this Wednesday, in which the murder of the girl was used as a political weapon. "First Married using the reviewable permanent prison to attack the PSOE and posing it as the magic solution to everything," Reyes said before criticizing also Unidos Podemos and his spokesperson Ione Belarra, who called the debate "absolutely regrettable": "I must say that regrettably continued with this infamous show because little less than blamed the PP of the murders of women in our country, using slogans that simplify this terrible reality."

Several of the interventions have followed the line of describing the reform initiative of the Judiciary as necessary, but also insufficient. Thus, Unidos Podemos, and in the words of the deputy of En Marea Angela Rodríguez, has accused PP and PSOE of not recognizing that this type of cases are also sexist violence, since both groups have rejected the confederal group's amendments to include in the text the violence that occurs outside the partner or ex-partner. According to the autopsy done to Laura Luelmo and against what the defendant declared of his death at first, the woman was sexually assaulted before being killed.

Despite the fact that the government and Unidos Podemos agreed in their budget agreement to approve the law against sexual violence of the dwelling, Rodríguez regretted that "for the victims of Alcàsser, Marta del Castillo, Diana Quer or Laura Luelmo we are saying about the law that is not machismo. "

In addition to turning gender-based violence into a legal specialty, the reform of the Law of Judicial Power approved on Thursday aims to strengthen the training of magistrates in other ways. On the one hand, It expands the agenda that applicants must study for the oppositions and reinforces the contents during the year in which the judges are trained in the Judicial School.


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