Confirmed 30 cases of monkeypox in Madrid and another 40 under study


In Spain, at least six autonomous communities register possible cases of this smallpox


The Community of Madrid adds 30 confirmed cases of monkeypox and another 40 are still under study as suspects, according to data provided this Sunday by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, who reiterated that work is being done to try to locate the chain of transmission . In Spain, at least six autonomous communities register possible cases of this smallpox.

The 30 confirmed cases in Madrid have been through PCR tests, while the remaining 40 are awaiting sequencing. All those affected are men who are evolving favorably and who are in isolation. The infections, according to the first data, were produced by two transmission chains, one of them related to a sauna in the capital that has already been closed.

Most of them would be related to the practice of sexual relations between men. «Now the main thing is to locate the traceability of all the cases and from there get the isolates and try to stop the transmission of the virus. We must continue and wait for these tests to arrive as soon as possible and try to confirm what they are infected with and establish the necessary isolation mechanisms in these cases," said Ruiz Escudero.

10 affected countries

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed, for its part, more than 80 cases and announced a working protocol with the affected countries, more than a dozen according to its estimates, when it comes to improving "their understanding of the scope and the causes of the disease. The WHO is also aware of another fifty cases pending confirmation of a virus that it describes as "endemic in the animal populations of several countries."

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, affirmed yesterday that monkeypox “is something that everyone should be concerned about”, although only one case has been confirmed in his country and there are several more under study.

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