Confinement continues to inspire music stars

If before it was Alejandro Sanz, Bono or Jorge Drexler, now they are Manuel Carrasco, Rozalén, El Kanka, Bon Iver or Charlie XCX the artists who have been inspired during the quarantine to compose music in this time of crisis.

And, as a thank you to the health workers and to contribute their grain of sand, many artists will spend all the money they get with their themes to support and finance different charitable causes.

This is the case with “Prision esperanza”, published by Manuel Carrasco and whose benefits will go entirely to the Spanish Food Bank Federation.

The title refers to the “lack of freedom” that, according to the Huelva-based Efe, makes each one “in their own cell, looking for a place of hope that will only come when the situation has been alleviated”, and that It is evident in verses such as “Everyone fulfills his sentence in the most beautiful way / They do not want freedom if it is not healing the wound.”

In addition, the song also wants to pay tribute to the essential appointment of the Spanish, the applause of 8 in the afternoon, and to which the singer refers as follows: “And from one cell to another the songs fly by / prisoners and guards at 8 meet / And the applause that comes to them reaches the infirmary. “

“Caged birds” also compares confinement to a prison and it is the song that Rozalén published on April 16 and whose benefits will be dedicated to a network of shelters for families in social exclusion.

In it, among other topics, it is intended to value the work of Public Health with phrases such as “When I leave this I will run to applaud you / I will smile, I will thank whoever takes care of me / No one will dare to mock what is important / The quality of healthcare will be untouchable. “

It is the health workers, along with “the cleaners”, “the dependents” and “the stockers” that Kiko Veneno wanted to pay homage to in “There are people”.

“There are people who know how to help / even if they do not have enough protection / and without rest” warns the singer about the situation in which doctors and nurses have found themselves during the coronavirus crisis, in a song whose benefits will go to Doctors Without Borders .

Several musicians have also composed songs about the social distancing they are suffering due to confinement, as is the case of Izal with the song “La buena sombra”.

In it, which they composed and arranged through telephone and email, the group sings of the desperation of being separated (“from the distance, missing, from remembering not being so far”), although it also leaves a door open to ” be better when we come back. “

In the same vein, “You know who you are”, from El Kanka, recorded in the houses of the singer and of various members of his band, dedicates his “family with or without blood ties” to those who open their hearts because he assures that “Although I never tell you what I love you / I want to see you so much”.

In a different record, the group Mueveloreina has moved, having published up to three songs in a humorous key during the confinement, among which “Perrea en la casa” stands out, with phrases such as “in the quarantine they dance until their forties / with this perreo that takes your crown off. “

Internationally, Bon Iver has published “PDLIF”, the proceeds of which will go to the organization “Direct Relief” to support workers who are fighting “from the front line” against Covid-19.

In his theme he combines concern about the effects of the health crisis with the hope that the way out of the pandemic will be as bright as possible through verses such as “Well I’m not going to tell you that everyone’s safe / I will say / There will be a better day. “

Charli XCX has raised the ante and has announced that on May 15 it will publish a fully recorded album during confinement whose provisional title is “How I’m feeling now”.

The first single, which was released on April 9, is titled “Forever”, and in the chorus it refers to the impossibility of seeing someone you love despite not being together.

Rodrigo García


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