Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

‘Confinaletra’, a book that will collect the experiences during the confinement by coronavirus

The Huelva publisher Pábilo It has opened a process of receiving free-style texts to shape ‘Confinaletra’, a book that will collect personal experiences during the state of alarm, and the subsequent house confinement, which will be published on paper once the coronavirus crisis is over. .

In a statement, the editorial starts from the fact that literature “must have its place” in the memory that this historical pandemic has over time, beyond the hundreds of thousands of news items that remain in the newspaper archive.

For this reason, he has decided to immortalize in a book the experiences during confinement; To give content to this work, anyone who wishes can send their texts to [email protected] with the subject ‘Confinaletra’, the author’s signature and the place of origin.

Reading, allows you to travel anywhere on the planet

Reading, allows you to travel anywhere on the planet
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Everything is allowed: stories (with a maximum of five pages in times new roman 12), poetry, opinion pieces, stories (both children and adults), drawings, illustrations? The reception period will be until Sunday, April 26, trusting that on that date the state of alarm has been lifted.

Once the texts have been received, the publisher will make a selection for the composition of the book, within which some of the texts of ‘Pensamientos confinados’ will be present, a series opened by the digital Huelva 24 and in which a large number of authors and authors.

Likewise, the editorial will be publishing on its Facebook profile the texts and images that it receives and that it considers appropriate to energize and convey hope these days.

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