October 23, 2020

Confessions made by prisoners are installed in a park in Panama for WYD

Confessions made by prisoners are installed in a park in Panama for WYD

One hundred and ninety confessions made by inmates from two prisons in Panama were installed in the Omar Park, in the Panamanian capital, to be used by pilgrims and worshipers during the World Youth Day (WYD), organizers of the event said today.

A group of 35 inmates elaborated 250 confessionals with Playwood, cedar and hawthorn, of which 190 will be in the so-called Parque del Perdón, an area of ​​Parque Omar, official sources told Efe.

One of the workers who installed the confessionals in Omar Park on Thursday told Efe that the furniture will be placed in other parks and sites close to the places that pilgrims will concentrate in the framework of WYD.

The Organizing Committee of the WYD specified that the interior designer Lilibeth Bennet created two different models of confessionals, both inspired by the curved lines that the logo of the event has and using the same colors.

"For her, her designs take on an even more special meaning when they are brought to reality by inmates, since in them is the transforming work of Christ, capable of bringing out the best in each one of us," the Organizing Committee indicated.

The Day will be held in the Panamanian capital from Tuesday to Sunday of next week with the presence of Pope Francis and the participation of at least 100,000 pilgrims, a part of which is already in the country.


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