Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Condor has 36,600 more seats to fly to the Canary Islands next summer – La Provincia

The German airline Condor, which lived in its own flesh bankruptcy ofThomas Cook, soar the flight. Recovering health allows you to even increase your operations with the Islands next summer. Specifically 7%, which will put on the market 36,626 more seats in their aircraft to join the German market with the Archipelago.

Although the tour operator disappeared drastically in the early hours of September 23 is British and that thebrexitcontinues to be a threat of uncertain outcome, the World Travel Market in London is serving to improve the connectivity with which is the main market for some islands, cases of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

The total offer of Condor to bring tourists to the Canary Islands in the next summer season far exceeds half a million places (559,860). This was detailed yesterday to the main representatives of Promotur, the public company that is responsible for the promotion of the destination, responsible for the route division of the airline, Benjamin Weidmann.

The meeting was held during the third day of this tourist fair, which has served to confirm that the Archipelago is recovering at a good pace from the varapalo that led to the disappearance of Thomas Cook. The main problem is now focused on the fall of the German market, a situation suffered by hoteliers and hoteliers in Gran Canaria and majoreros.

Get out of the pothole

That is why it leaves a good taste in the mouth that Condor leaves the pothole in which it was immersed after the fall of the tour operator. However, it was an airline associated with it. The size of the crisis caused the German federal government and that of thelanderHesse, in which the company has established its base, will approve in a matter of days a bridge loan of 380 million euros to be repaid in six months to avoid a lack of liquidity that would lead to the disappearance.

The operation was approved by the European Union (EU), always in possession of the last word when it comes to deriving State aid to the private sector. In this case, Brussels had no doubt that the financing would lead to salvation and the absence of this to the extinction of the company.

Great news for the Islands. It is enough to observe that 30% of the winter business of this airline has the Canary Islands in the epicenter. And that has not been easy. At the time of Thomas Cook's bankruptcy, Condor had between him 25% and 30% of his total activity. At other times the dependence was greater, but since the serious problems that the tour operator was carrying out were known, the company launched a diversification strategy to reduce dependence.

In the end, that decision was the one that saved her. In addition, it also helped the EU give the green light to the public loan. The intention of separating from a financially ill parent was understood in Brussels as a decisive step in continuing the activity and maintaining employment. He added to the fact that the difficulties are less when it isAngela Merkel(read Germany) who requests a little waist from those responsible for the common European project.

Weidmann said yesterday that the hole created yesterday by committed and unspecified sales – those who hired a transport operator (with condor) and accommodation – by bankruptcy has been closed in record time. However, connectivity is the main problem facing the hosting business in much of Europe. It was clearly explained by the president of the Association of Tourism Entrepreneurs of Fuerteventura, Antonio Hormiga, shortly after starting this fortieth edition of the World Travel Market that yesterday opened the curtain: "Customers want to come to the Canary Islands because we have a good destination, the problem is to find the planes that bring them. "With the Boeing 737 MAX under observation and the disappearance of Germania last February, Germanic tour operators sweat to find an aircraft that can provide the service.

The news adds to what was released on Tuesday the counselor oftourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands, Yaiza Castilla, with respect to the German Eurowings. It will generate two new connections with Fuerteventura in summer, from Dusseldorf and Hamburg, and another one from the latter city to Gran Canaria. In total 30,000 more places.

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