"Condemned to poverty" by the CAP and the Government

600 tractors collapse Granada and Almeria against the "insufficient" measures of Planas

The possible cut of the CAP and the "insufficient" government measures they are tensing the thread from which the empty Spain hangs. Hundreds of farmers and ranchers from northern Almeria and Granada rejoined their forces in a massive tractorate to claim a «Fair share» of the CAP that prevents depopulation, given the global cut of 11% provided for in these grants. Despite the profitability of local farms, the convening organizations criticized the marginalization suffered by these regions by the Government of Sánchez compared to other Andalusian and Spanish territories.

«Armored» by 600 tractors, Almeria and Granada farmers 26 kilometers of the A-92N collapsed from 7:30 in the morning, in the limit between both provinces. With this new concentration of «Farmers to the limit», Asaja, COAG and UPA, together with Cooperatives Agro-alimentary of Granada, Ecohal and Infoliva showed that the reform of the response given by the Government to the sector is «insufficient». The reform of the Law of the Food Chain approved by royal decree or the reduction of 35 to 20 the number of steps needed to access the agricultural subsidy "do not guarantee" that fair prices cover the costs, "although the paper endures everything", valued the general secretary of COAG in Almería, Andrés Góngora. The agricultural representative also criticized the lack of "sensitivity" of the Ministry of Agriculture to the problems of "depressed" regions, although the minister of the branch, Luis Planas, recently affirmed in the Senate that «the Government has done for the field in 30 days more than in 10 years».

In the absence of measures in fiscal and agri-insurance matters, the possible cut in European aid is added, representing about 30% of the income received by farmers and ranchers. "We have been condemned to poverty by royal decree with the latest reform of the CAP", since the aid arrives more scarcely to organic almond, cereal and lamb producers in the area, denounced the UPA coordinator, Francisca Churches "If they have so much desire for Spain emptied, politicians have the opportunity to bring us that most appropriate distribution to our needs," he added, since These spaces receive about 90 euros per hectare from the CAP compared to the "600 or 700 or 800" of other placesconcluded Iglesias.

"The depopulation is not because 4G does not arrive, but because there are no aids for those who work in the field," said Góngora. These already threatened regions will be condemned to become "empty" areas if the cut in the CAP becomes effective, said Pascual Soler, president of Asaja Almería.


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