January 16, 2021

Condemned to pay her ex-boyfriend the expenses that cost him during the relationship – La Provincia

Condemned to pay her ex-boyfriend the expenses that cost him during the relationship - La Provincia

The Audience of Granada has condemned a woman to pay your ex-boyfriend the expenses he paid during the relationship, such as arrangements in several of her properties, sunglasses and dental expenses, which she promised to return to her when they were leaving but when she broke, she denied that they had occurred.

The Fifth Section of the Hearing has thus revoked the decision of a Court of Guadix that dismissed the claim of the affected by failing to consider the facts as evidence, given that the only evidence in this regard are the conversations by WhatsApp that both crossed, without there were invoices that demonstrated the debt of 3,200 euros that he claimed.

The man alleged that in 2013, in the course of the relationship, he paid his partner the installation of automatic doors in the garage of the garage, the purchase of prescription glasses and other sunglasses, dental expenses, the painting of a ship of your property and your home and the rent of a scaffold.

The woman he admits the sentimental relationship, but denied before the judge that he lacked cash at that moment and that his partner paid him these things.

In the judgment, to which Europa Press has had access, the Chamber argues that the parties have admitted the reality of these conversations by Whatsapp, from which the recognition of a series of expenses that have not been paid and where the woman was willing to request a bank loan is extracted.

The Audience he also emphasizes that in these conversations he reminds him that he owes more than 2,000 euros without her denying it and although he came to denounce "veiled threats" by the expression "attempt to the consequences", the court has not given them accredited

The reality of the payment, at least in part, is accredited at the discretion of the Chamber in the fact that there was a relationship between them and that "beyond the usual gifts", the complainant faced payments that corresponded to his partner. Although the scope of the same is not known, the content of the communications arises this figure of 2,000 euros. The Audience He thus considers in part the appeal filed by him and now condemns his ex-girlfriend to pay him that amount.


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