Condemned to 20 years of imprisonment for letting his baby die of hunger - La Provincia

Condemned to 20 years of imprisonment for letting his baby die of hunger - La Provincia

The Provincial Court of Malaga has condemned the parents of a three month old baby who died in 2016 after not being fed correctly and, in addition, suffering a trauma, a penalty of 20 years in prison and one day as perpetrators of a crime of murder, with aggravating kinship.

According to proven facts, occurred in 2016, the parents, during the three months of life of the child, stopped giving the most elementary care "deliberately and repeatedly, being aware that with such lack of care could cause death, which they accepted "

Thus, the new born She was not fed correctly, since her parents "gave her bottles that contained an insufficient amount of formula, which after a while caused severe malnutrition in her."

The defendants, according to the resolution, "they had no intention of causing the death of their daughter, but they were aware that they were providing her with insufficient food so that she could survive, from the situation of danger in which the minor was found, and also that this could cause death, given the situation of absolute helplessness of the same, for being a baby and for being the parents the only people who were responsible for attending to it ".

In spite of this, "it did not stop them from continuing to feed her in that way or resorting to requesting medical assistance, being able to do so", since, "it was indifferent to them that they could die."

Besides, the less suffered a fall at the end of October or the beginning of November 2016, which caused Cranioencephalic traumatism, without the parents, who were present when it occurred, to take her to any health center to be recognized.

Therefore, the child died on November 10, 2016 at the family home, the main cause of death being "the severe malnutrition who suffered, and the immediate cause of bronchopneumonia caused by lack of food. "In addition, according to the facts, the aforementioned trauma helped the death.


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