Condemned to 2 years of prison a jihadist with will to take action

Condemned to 2 years of prison a jihadist with will to take action

A defendant to embrace the jihadist ideology and who became radicalized in such a way that he was "ready to take action" has today been sentenced to two years and two months in prison after reaching an agreement with the Public Prosecutor's Office. National Court, which requested for him 4 years in prison.

In exchange for the reduction of the penalty, the defendant, Abdellatif Housni, has admitted the facts for which he was sitting on the bench today and, since the Prosecutor's Office is the only accusation filed in this proceeding, the National Court of Audiencia he was going to judge, he must impose the agreed penalty.

In addition to the 2 years and 2 months of prison for a crime of jihadist self-indoctrination, he has also been sentenced to 3 and 6 months probation, once he is released, and 8 years and 2 months of disqualification.

According to the indictment of the prosecutor, Housni "suffered a process of accelerated radicalization that, after a process of self-indoctrination, turned him into a tool developed to take action.

It was in 2015 when, "influenced by a series of events on a personal level," began an increasingly compulsive search for jihadist material.

The Civil Guard detected "a lot of multimedia material" with "videos of executions, statements claiming attacks, speeches by extremist leaders, publications justifying terrorism and the establishment of the caliphate, reports on the handling and construction of weapons and explosive devices."

The consumption of this material implied that, in front of his colleagues in the supermarket where he worked, he said phrases like "we only defend ourselves and sometimes we have to do these things", talk about "attacking the Vatican" and "if they throw me out of the DAY I'm going to Syria. "

All this denoted that the self-indoctrination had ended and it was already appreciated "their willingness to go further" and take action in Spain, according to the material that was intervened.

In particular, a video about the "desecration of Islam" by the Spanish presence in Ceuta and Melilla, with the threat of "unpredictable consequences" for the culprits, who would end up "drowning in their own blood".

Or also a photo of the ex-president of the Community of Madrid Cristina Cifuentes with the mayor Manuela Carmena before the LGTBI pride flag, white collective of the jihadists; and another from a platform on the Madrid subway, a place with a large number of people and, therefore, susceptible to being targeted.


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