Condemned a minor for a sexual assault on his educator - La Provincia

When the appeal against the sentence that sentences an educator of a juvenile center in Valencia for sexual abuse of an inmate has not yet been resolved, another sexual offense committed in another reception center in the province has been tried and sentenced. On this occasion the victim is not one of the minors but a social integrator of the center, and her sexual aggressor precisely a MENA (unaccompanied foreign minor) supervised by the Generalitat and by which the attacked herself watched.

The number one Juvenile Court of Valencia has sentenced the adolescent, 17 years old and Senegalese, to fourteen months of internment in semi-open regime for a crime of sexual assault after the young person recognized the facts in the trial held for conformity the week pass. Specifically, a measure of ten months of effective detention plus a period of four months of probation is imposed.

The facts declared proven occurred last November at the Alborache juvenile reception center when the now condemned teenager asked his educator for permission to go and take a jacket to his room. The worker accompanied him to open the door, which was closed, and once they were alone both inside the cabin the child "hugged her over his arms and pushed her libidinously against the wall." Although the social integrator insisted that he stop and release her, the teenager ignored and began to "make movements back and forth with his hip, rubbing his genitals against the intimate area of ​​the worker until he ejaculated."

After the defendant acknowledged the facts and after reaching an agreement of agreement between the parties, the Prosecutor's Office for Minors and the defense of the juvenile prosecuted, the judge has imposed a measure of fourteen months of internment in semi-open regime as the author responsible for a crime of sexual assault contained in article 178 of the Criminal Code.

It is a minimum penalty for not having the child with a record for similar facts and having confessed the facts. In addition, although the crime is one of sexual assault through violence, "he held her by force and pushed her against the wall," there was no carnal access, whether or not the accused ejaculated.

Thousand euros of compensation

As a civil responsibility, the Generalitat Valenciana, as legal representative of the minor, must compensate the victim with one thousand euros for the moral damages caused. There is no recourse against said judgment when the decision is final.


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