June 17, 2021

Condemned a British family for a false claim in Benidorm | Economy

Condemned a British family for a false claim in Benidorm | Economy

Four people from the same British family have been convicted by a Liverpool court for a false claim while enjoying their vacation in Benidorm in June 2015. The four tourists alleged to have suffered food poisoning during their stay in a hotel in the city , but the court has not addressed their claims in light of the evidence.

The claim was directed against the tour operator Jet2 Holidays, with which they had hired their vacations and to which they demanded around 50,000 euros of compensation for the poisoning they said they had suffered while they were staying at the hotel Aqua Magic Rock Gardens, of the Magic Costa chain Blanca The tourists joined in this way a trend in those years that it had supposed to the hotels to him numerous losses, as they denounced then the employers of the sector.

According to sources of the hotel chain, customers stayed at their hotel in June 2015 and the claim was presented on their return to the United Kingdom for the food they had eaten at the establishment. The four tourists, Michael Jameson, Claire Weir, Janet Weir and Jane Weir, claimed to have suffered nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. In addition, they supported the complaint with several medical reports that supported his supposed ailments.

However, they made an error that in the end was decisive for their claim was not accepted and cost them the sentence. While they were in Benidorm, as do thousands of tourists, several publications published in their social networks affirmed that they were spending "the best holidays" and were "enjoying every minute". All accompanied by photographs in which they appeared drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer, gin or vodka. Surely at that time they had not yet planned the scam attempt and this led to the false claim being discovered.

The court of Liverpool that took charge of the case, before such evidences, determined the culpability of the plaintiffs and has condemned them to the payment of a fine of 842 euros and three months of prison. The four tourists will be able, however, to avoid the entrance in the jail if they fulfill the payments of the fine and they do not commit any criminal act in the next two years.

From the direction of the Magic Costa Banca chain, Pilar Lafuente, has insisted that "we always maintained that it was a false report because our food meets all the guarantees of health". Lafuente also stressed that, in addition to complying with the regulations in force, the chain itself has other, more demanding standards if possible.

According to Lafuente, the British family only had in mind "the possibility of getting a free holiday and extra money" following a practice that had spread among many tourists from the United Kingdom. "A tactic against which the British courts are already acting"I needed.

For his part, the executive director of Jet2 Holidays, Steve Heapy, has assured on the portal TTG that his company had warned for a long time about "the serious consequences of making false allegations"And has considered that the decision of the court" shows how serious they can be. "


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