Concovi studies legal actions against OCU for recommending not to buy flat housing

Concovi has labeled "slander and irresponsibility" the "slander" that OCU has expressed in the report where it proposes "the disappearance and destruction of a leading social movement in Europe and supported by the European Commission", which today is called to cover the 50% of the housing demand.

In addition, the confederation considers that the report "attacks" article 47 of the Constitution, as well as 129.2, given that the solution it proposes is to acquire the "turnkey" house, paying 30% of the cash in advance. value of the home and looking for an entity that finances the remaining 70%.

In this regard, he complains that the organization has not consulted the main representatives of the sector, because it "ignores or confuses" the main basis of cooperative housing regimes: "the groups do not buy, but acquire the rights to award a home ".

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