Concha Velasco vaticina: «I will die at 82» (but what goes)

The first time Concha Velasco said she was leaving, we believed her and the alarms went off. He was 78 and his son had prepared "The Perfect Funeral": a custom work, "like Broadway," he asked, "to mix" The Phantom of the Opera "," Sunset Boulevard "," Mary Poppins ”and“ The rookie witch ”». I started touring at home, Valladolid, and at the end of it I would say goodbye. Nor did it seem such a crazy plan ... What happens is that two years have passed since that and the great Velasco continues to make war. City that treads, city in which it threatens to get off the stage, although what was initially "safe", has become a "maybe", and with a good girl's mouth. This he confessed again, yesterday, during the presentation of the work at the Teatre Borràs (Barcelona), and, following that progression from greater to lesser certainty, a few minutes later, he started with the fact that he is studying another paper for «The room of María », which José Carlos Plaza will direct.

So what has been said is greater, let's not deny the evidence, but there is Concha for a while. He says he has his head "better than ever", and it is an earthquake. Turn each event upside down. It fell not long ago, hence I now go with a cane for life, and that is not going to be an impediment to stop enjoying. He grabs it, moves it like the star it is and something else. He has long said that he was not old enough to not live to the fullest and go if he does. He is not afraid of death. In addition to playing with her every night of the show - where she plays the ghost of the late Lucrecia Conti -, the last of Doña Concha has been to predict the day of her goodbye. Pulling exact sciences, the actress has decided that as a result of the addition of her father plus her mother, her life career will end when she reaches 82: "I have planned." Neither before nor after. It is the conclusion - a somewhat Cuerdian taking advantage of the fact that we have just left - which reached the average between the age of death of one and the other. Concha Velasco thus takes the witness of Gila and endorses the humorist's phrase that “life is a joke. Born, die ... What a joke! And it is that for the interpreter these minutiae of existence are no longer a challenge, but the day to day: «Since I do" The funeral "and I see myself dead on stage I am used to it".


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