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Broken the initial ice, talk to the actress Velasco shell It’s like doing it with your mother, in the best sense. So easy does the talk that you just have to say goodbye with the taper full of lentils. Immediate connection, relax in slippers and that torrent of words that flows endlessly and effortlessly, as if we were both sitting in the hair holding hands or on the platform of the station waiting for the train that arrives with a relative. Well, just landed in Barcelona with a Comedy written and directed by his eldest son, Manuel M. Velasco (the other one is called Paco). It carries by title ‘The funeral’.

‘The funeral’. My mother, lizard, lizard. Without gutting the argument, The play is about a multi-award-winning actress, named Lucrecia Conti, at whose death the Ministry of Culture organizes a wake up. That is, the same would happen if € Concha Velasco is the only actress in Spain who has twice won the National Theater Award, which is not a small one. Therefore, where should the burning chapel be mounted? In the M-30 funeral home? On the proscenium of María Guerrero, in Madrid? Or perhaps in Fernán Gómez? I think about it but I keep saying a lotglups Will she be the superstitious interpreter? As it turns out yes, a lot. Apart from his own hobbies, along the way he has been inheriting those of his mother and those of other actors, such as Mary Carrillo and Alberto Closas, this is: never step on the stage with street shoes, that “certain song” be sung in his presence – if he put it in the musical thread of an airplane, he would have to get out – and the chiflo of the sharpener; If he hears the whistle, “someone is going to die, and it never fails me.” Oh!

Instead, representing a ghost on the boards does not make you feel bad. Moreover, in the assembly of ‘The funeral’ there is a life-size doll, with a present body, a dummy tucked into a coffin, which represents the deceased actress, and even when her castmates give them yuyu – Pepe Leisure in the role of manager and Irenes, Gamell and Soler, in that of greedy granddaughters – Concha Velasco has no qualms about putting her on the stage, or painting her nails of the same color, or putting on false eyelashes. “The dead one is very well done“, she says. The actress is already 80 years old – she turned them on November 29 – and of course she thinks about death, every day, but with a calm countenance, irony at the ready and vanity safely:” As one body shrinks over time and the boxes are standard size, I will fit inside the photograph of my parents and the Goya of Honor, ha ha ha. “They gave it to him in 2013 for a whole career. Who does not remember it in ‘Teresa de Jesús’, the magnificent TVE series? An all-terrain beast of interpretation.” Look, what things are , they give me good prizes for dramas, and I insist on doing comedy. “

Aches and pains? Some, of course. Osteoarthritis, which makes it difficult to close the zippers, and the knees, which are no longer what they were. But the ‘Courtyard’ would like to be well away from a funeral tone, because the actress, vivacious and talkative, breathes desire to live. The girl ‘yeyé’, the best legs of the cinema and the magazine, which she didn’t even need to wear in those times. It is to put a video of it on YouTube, which comes automatically wanting to get to watch around the house reviewing the dust: “Mom, I want to be an artist, oh, mom, be a protagonist.”


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