Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Concerts and other cultural events in streaming

The stone

Experiments Llunàtics presents in two sessions how astronauts live in space, at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (@PedreraCiencia)

(Xavier Cervera)

Tristan and Isolde ’

The Metropolitan Opera House in New York expands its daily free video offering to another two weeks. This one that begins is dedicated exclusively to Richard Wagner, today with the production of Tristan und Isolde directed by Sir Simon Rattle and starring Nina Stemme, Ekaterina Gubanova, Stuart Skelton, Evgeny Nikitn and René Pape. This video was broadcast live in October 2016


Through the Burgos cathedral

A project that makes sense, in these days of confinement: these are days for drawing and painting. The VIII Centenary of the Cathedral of Burgos has launched an international children’s painting competition. Divided into three categories, from 3 to 14 years old, the small creators will be able to present their works until April 10, 2021. The winning drawings will see their creation exposed.

Quarantine Fest

Last week, in principle, of the streaming music festival with a current pop flavor. Today’s poster starts with the Catalan pop-rock quartet The Crab Apples (7pm), which will be followed by the Granada band Colectivo Da Silva with their festive and beach music (8pm), the folk project Ayalga, promoted by Abel Ferrerio (21 h) and the ants (22 h).




From the Slaughterhouse

A selection of content from the Matadero Madrid Media Library invites you to continue enjoying visual arts, music, cinema, conferences and performances from home … Among them, you can listen to the conversation between the Elche boy Y Miguel Álvarez-Fernández on the sound legacy of the artist José Val del Omar, around which his residence in Matadero has revolved. The inaugural conference of Joan Fontcuberta at the Tentacular Festival and a selection of contemporary electronic artists that brought together the LEV Matadero festival. –

Francisco Contreras Molina, known as Niño de Elche, is a flamenco artist, poet and singer

Francisco Contreras Molina, known as Niño de Elche, is a flamenco artist, poet and singer
(César Rangel)

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