Concerted education says "enough" to sectarianism

Concerted education says "enough" to sectarianism

The educational community is worried. There have been many raids received in recent years, especially the limitations on the freedom of choice of parents. Concerted education has decided to join forces to claim this right. The epicenter of this new idea lies in the Comunitat Valenciana, one of the main autonomies punished by ideological bias.

The #YoElijo campaign has been designed by the associations of families and Catholic centers of the Comunitat Valenciana, in collaboration with the Archbishopric of Valencia and the Catholic University of Valencia and CEU-Cardenal Herrera, among other institutions. A total of 730 schools and more than 150,000 Valencian families have adhered to this proposal, which now aims to make the leap to the national level.

In it, the fundamental pillar is the support to the right of parents to choose the education of their children. "At present, this freedom is being threatened", they say from the organization of this project, which is a continuation of the manifesto "For an Education in Freedom", presented last October.

The originality of this campaign lies in the digital approach with which it was conceived, which facilitates its expansion and dissemination. As explained by the organizers, those who want to be part of this project are invited to share a photograph with raised index finger in social networks, accompanied by the hashtag #YoElijo. In addition, it is encouraged to participate through the signing of a new manifesto that includes these rights. For this, it is necessary to access the website and fill out the form that appears there. However, it has also opted for the physical side, beyond the screens and new technologies, to get this message. Thus, this movement will go through different educational centers, associations and parishes to explain the need to bet on the defense of the freedom of parents when it comes to schooling their children, whatever their choice.

Freedom and only freedom

It is precisely in this aspect that has been emphasized: # YooElijo, its creators say, does not defend the choice of the concerted school, but the capacity and freedom, without obstacles, of the right of parents to choose what kind of education They want for their family. "When freedom is limited, we are all affected," explains Vicente Morro, one of the fathers of this initiative. "We do not want a single school, but a plural school."

"The public and secular school is a good option", defend the promoters of #YoElijo, "provided that the parents choose it freely, without anyone imposing it. We also seek the support of these parents, because we do not defend an exclusive model, but a free one ».

The campaign, which has been presented this week and has the support of Cardinal Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares, has put his sights on the national level after the great reception he has had on Valencian soil. "We are very happy, the reception has been very positive. We want this message to be maintained over time and reach all educational sectors, "says Morro, satisfied with the first impact of #YoElijo on Valencian society.

The moment, strategically speaking, is ideal to claim the freedom of educational choice: with the renovation of concerts still on the table, the imminent process of admission of students in educational centers and the closest electoral campaign of the last decades, the The right of parents will undoubtedly be an issue that will have to be addressed in a compulsory way.


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